5 dreamy cotton-candy pink bathrooms

Pastel colors are usually regarded as feminine, delicate and clean and they are considered to have a soothing effect on the human brain. They are usually obtained by adding white to a hue color. Cotton-candy pink has the extra added dash of sweetness and it’s a great choice for bathrooms because of the dreamy effect.

If you’re considering doing a make-over for your bathroom, here are 5 dreamy cotton-candy pink bathrooms that you’ll love:

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1.Pink marble

Pink marble is an option that cannot go wrong. This pink wallpaper combined with gold accessories and the geometric black and white floor are a simple and efficient way to create a bold bathroom. 


2. Pastel patterns

If you’re a fan of experimenting with patterns, this is a great suggestion for you! While the main color is cotton-pink in the shower and other decorative elements, we find and interesting mix of flowery patterns on the walls and geometrical ones on the floor that work very well together.


3. Fairytale creatures

This wallpaper takes us back to the childhood stories with swans and fireflies. The golden mirror and the green marble sink bring a touch of sophistication to this fairytale pink bathroom.


4. Black contrast

The carefully chosen black details in this all pink bathroom make all the difference, because they create an almost cartoonish effect. Also, the white elements, that we fin on the floor, in the sink, toilet and lighting add to this drawing-like pink bathroom, creating a perfect balance.


5. Underwater pink

The main focus point in this bathroom is the pink door and we also find matching pink fish and pink storage elements. The dark background of the wallpaper and the floor create an interesting contrast, but also the white elements are not to be neglected – bringing a perfect equilibrium.


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