10 Top Kitchen Improvements to Make Your Kitchen Look Better Easily

A research team affiliated with UCLA found that American families spend most of their time either in the kitchen or around their television. It makes sense—most of us fix at least breakfast and dinner in our kitchen. And it’s not uncommon for families to hang around in the kitchen while someone cooks, the kitchen more of a gathering space than simply a workspace.

If you spend as much time in your kitchen as the average American, you want your kitchen to look its best! But how can you make kitchen improvements easily without breaking the bank?

Below we outline how you can easily add charm and style to your kitchen!

1. Flashy Hardware

Many older homes come fashioned with old, faded hardware. Swapping out the old hardware for shiny, new hardware is an easy way to switch up your kitchen’s look. Gold looks great against black kitchens, while silver and bronze work well with whites and grays. If you can’t afford to switch out all the hardware, simply switching out your faucet can give your kitchen a sleeker look.

2. Adding Shelving

If you’re short on space in your kitchen, adding shelving is an easy improvement. If you’re renting your space, an easy fix for lack of shelving is repurposing a ladder. The ladder slats act as shelves, while the piece adds a unique flair to your kitchen.

If you own your home, floating shelving is easy to install. Floating shelving also adds more dimension to your kitchen, and it’s easy to remove if you end up looking for a more permanent fixture. For further shelving additions, it’s best to consult a professional company, such as Kitchen Concepts.

3. Make a Statement: Using Paint Effectively

You don’t have to flip your entire kitchen to brighten up the space. Sometimes adding just a dash of paint can make a room look entirely different. This improvement works best if you’re working with a neutrally colored kitchen, to begin with. One way to add some color to your kitchen is by painting your cabinets a bright contrast color.

Alternatively, keep your appliances and cabinets neutral and paint one or two of the kitchen walls an accent color.

4. Vintage Pieces

The addition of vintage pieces in the kitchen is very trendy right now. Many rustic tables can add new flavor to your kitchen and act as additional storage space. If you have contemporary bar stools at an island, consider switching them out for more vintage seating.

5. Enhance Your Floors

One of the easiest ways to add some flavor to your kitchen is by bringing some life to the floors. Sure, it’s not the first thing someone will notice in your kitchen, but it is satisfying to look down and not see splotchy, ugly tiles, right?

You can switch up your kitchen floors by adding a rug or two, whether you choose bigger area rugs or just a few small ones for the entrance and in front of your sink. Some renters have had luck overlaying rolled-up sheet vinyl flooring on their existing floors, cutting the edges to fit around their appliances and securing it.

6. Accent Piece

One of the simplest kitchen improvements is adding an accent piece to your kitchen. This is also an easy way to bring some of your personality into your kitchen.

The most common and affordable accent pieces are artwork, which rarely take up any additional space. You could also opt for a plant or two if you want to up the green levels in your home.

7. Simple Kitchen Improvements: Modified Lighting

If you’re a homeowner, you can adjust your kitchen’s look by changing your light fixtures. Pendant lighting is trendy right now, especially suspended over kitchen islands.

For renters, it can be difficult to change overhead lighting fixtures, but there are other ways to alter your kitchen’s lighting. Standing light fixtures or small lamps placed on a counter can create a cozier atmosphere in your kitchen, especially if you opt for warmer bulb colors.

8. Update the Backsplash

If your kitchen has a backsplash, you can add some color to it with a peel-and-stick backsplash. Many backsplash liners are water, humidity, and heat resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them peeling off on their own.

Installing a permanent backsplash can be costly and time-consuming, but adhesive backsplashes can easily be applied by the homeowners themselves.

9. Use Cabinet Liners

Sometimes the inside of your cabinets doesn’t look clean or polished, no matter how hard you scrub them. Cabinet liners are the perfect fix for any eyesores. They’re easy to wipe down and you can switch them out for new ones whenever they wear down.

Cabinet liners are also great if you want to simply add some contrast. Wood liners can add a natural element to your kitchen if you can’t afford actual wood installments.

10. Show Off: Highlight a Collection

If you want to add more character to your kitchen, try showing off a collection you have. For instance, if you have high shelving that lines your kitchen, flaunt a pottery collection.

Alternatively, set up a shelving unit or china closet to show off a teapot collection. If you have a succulent garden, set up a small table in your kitchen to feature them. Adding little touches will make your kitchen more welcoming and personal.

Get Cookin’

You don’t have to flip your entire kitchen in one weekend to make improvements. Many of these kitchen improvements can be done one by one over a long period, but they will still add a new undeniable element of design to your space!

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