6 Reasons why Yellow should be a frequently used home deco color

The new trends are looking towards yellow making it a star color. And why not? It’s retro looking, happy and optimistic, so we’re sure you gone add dreamy and bold accents of this colors in your lovely home. Here are six reasons why yellow should be a frequently used home decor color:

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1. It’s great with geometric details, a new trend that will be super popular in 2020

The geometric details are making a huge comeback in 2020 giving structure and an abstract and artsy vibe to any room. Yellow and other seventies popular colors work best for this color scheme, making every room super creative.

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2. It looks super dreamy in velvet

If you love velvet, you should also try yellow velvet. Whether we are talking pillows, bed frames, sofas or armchairs, yellow velvet will make a dark room brighter and also it will make a room retro inspired, an influence that makes this fabric just perfect.

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3. It has that retro twist to it

Yellow and mustard yellow show the beautiful Golden era or the dreamy retro times. So, choose it for an eclectic, vintage, elegant or retro themed home and it will make everything more modern and also sophisticated.

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4. It pops out gorgeously when paired with black and white and other neutrals

If you want to give a twist to a neutral room try yellow. In a black and white combo, yellow will make everything looking more luxuries and creative and paired in a beige scheme it will give the room that beautiful nostalgic vibe.

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5. It’s bold and it’s a great color accent that gives the room personality

A room has to have personality and something that will make it stand out. No one likes a room that look plain, so to give a room a creative and original vibe add bold colors around it. Try yellow! It’s a good pair for neutrals, for the elegant dark blue and green, for the seventies color scheme like terracotta, but also it work wonders when paired with gold.

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6. Nevertheless, it happy and optimistic

Yellow is the color of happiness and optimism, it’s a constant reminder that life can be great and tomorrow is another day and also is telling you that you should smile more. So, make sure you have one or two accents of this vivid color.


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