5 Easy Steps in making your home dreamy for Christmas

It’s already December and if you’re a big Christmas fan you should already start by decorating your home accordingly. Think of elegant and neutral Christmas decorations that will make your home classy, elegant and a dream come true for this holiday season. Here are five easy steps in making your home dreamy just in time for Christmas:

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1. Set a cozy and dreamy mood with different kind of candles

Candles set the perfect warm and cozy vibe in your home making it more intimate for your and your loved one or a gorgeous set up for your guests. Pick round neutral candles for an evening at home with friends and family and long elegant candles for a fancy dinner in two or a gorgeous family dinner.


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 2. Decorate as many corners of your home as you wish with dreamy lights

This season add as many lights as your wish in your dreamy home. Think about your living room and add different kinds of neutral lights all around the space. As for your lovely bedroom, decorate your window or bed with lights  and keep on dreaming.

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3. Add different sizes of Christmas trees and decorate your home with Christmas tree crowns

Besides being beautiful, Christmas trees bring a Christmas scent into any home. So, from big Christmas trees you can decorate with your friends and family to tiny trees you can decorate with lights or Christmas tree crowns, make your home as green and Christmassy as you can.


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4. Mix Christmas ornaments with furry covers

Golden decoration make your home super glam, so this season choose them as the main point of attraction for your Christmas home. Also, choose stars, globes and other fancy, chic and elegant Christmas elements. Moreover, choose them in neutral shades that will look very sophisticated in your home.

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5. Match your Christmas tree and decoration with deco elements in the same color scheme

This season we think more about colors like green or red, the perfect and classic Christmas combo. So, choose these colorful accents also for your home and especially for velvet items, the trendiest deco elements right now. Also, to tone the Christmas shades down match them with dreamy neutrals.


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Cover photo by Jonna Leppanen

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