10 Party Ideas for a dreamy New Years Eve – Welcome 2020 in fun and style

Are you ready for New Years? We hope you are and to style it up and get more creative we have gathered 10 Party Ideas for a dreamy New Years Eve. So welcome 2020 in fun and style and begin the preparations:

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1. Make a photo booth

This is the most fun part for guests and with this you will be sure you will have memories and photos from the party. Make a photo frame and surround it with balloons or different other props. Also, add hats, glasses and other funny props that your guest will enjoy trying out for the photos.

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2. Add glam balloons

There is no party without balloons and for New Year’s choose glam ones that will make your home more sophisticated. Think about black, white, gold and choose lighted ones or the cute ones that have confetti in them. Also, don’t forget that are never too many balloons in a home.

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3. Make your drinks as fancy as possible

Everyone will enjoy a drink more or having fun and drink with friends is the drink looks fancy and fabulous. Go Eco and don’t think about plastic glasses and think rather glam and fabulous and go for gorgeous glass a material. You can find them everywhere at great prices, think long glasses, creative shapes and golden details for the win.

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4. New Year’s Eve table

If you have a small gathering and you love to cook and make a cute dinner, you should make it more festive! Decorate your table in gold, black and white and add festive glasses, long candles in elegant candlestick and other golden deco elements that will make this setup dreamy and perfect for New Year’s.

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5. Make themed candy

Because everyone loves candy so much it will be a great idea to make fancy and festive sweets.But, if you take care of your body during the holidays you can try some tasty keto bars… Otherwise, think about chocolate and golden touches so, here is a stylish recipe we’ve found of Oreo balls.

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6. Be the perfect cocktail master for a day

If you or one of your friends is passionate about cocktails, choose a cocktail master for the party and try new recipes. Start with popular ones and also choose a new one that sound great and that you’ll know your guest will love. Here is an easy champagne cocktail to try out.

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7. Try a drinking game

Drinking games are always fun, especially on New Year when all of your friends gather at someones home. So think of a ”Drink if” theme and for every phrase someone says and you relate to it or drink! Another idea is that every time your hear a certain word you need to drink. Here is a cool drinking game to try for this dreamy day.

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8. Play a fun game

If you love games, bingo will be perfect for New Years, its fun, fast and interactive. Also, you can try different written games all with a New Year’s Eve theme, find them here.

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9. Choose a  fun dress code

Think of the style of your home or the theme of the party (yes every party should have a theme) and make your guests dress up or get creative. Everything will be more festive, chic and your everyone imagination will get tested!

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10. Make New Years wishes

Whether you wish upon a fabulous cake or while drinking a cup of champagne at midnight, make it special for the wish you toast for. Make your guests make a nice wish and stay optimistic!

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