The Top Kitchen Trends of 2019

With 2019 slowly coming to an end, now is the perfect time to look back on the year and highlight the top kitchen trends. Interior trends are always changing, but this year has seen some staple trends that will continue on for many years to come, from matt black styling to a minimalist aesthetic, so it’s worth taking notes and seeing how you could incorporate some of these top trends into your décor.

Keeping Things Clutter-Free

You may have heard the name Marie Kondo being thrown around quite a bit this year and with good reason. As an inspiring author and organising consultant, with her own Netflix show, Marie has captivated people across the world and inspired them to introduce her own cleaning and organising strategies into the home. Marie highlights how important it is to have a clutter-free kitchen, without even the stylish coffee machine on show, to really help strip back your décor and keep things minimal and neat. With such a huge influence, her organising ways have created a trend within the interior industry, with clutter-free kitchens now a must-have in many homes.

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Matt Black Décor

One of the hottest trends of 2019 has got to be the matt black décor style. Most popular within the kitchen, there’s something striking about the chic matt black cabinets complemented by bold hardware to really make the décor pop. There are so many unique ways in which matt black décor has been incorporated into the kitchen, which London born home fashion label, Buster + Punch have explained perfectly here. Matt black décor is also ideal for bringing a touch of drama and character to your interiors, whilst keeping up with the hottest trends too.

Colourful Cabinets

Gone are the days when white cabinets were a staple feature in the kitchen, it’s all about colour statements and bold focal points now. The kitchen is a space that you can use to be a little adventurous and play around with colour, and the cabinets are a great place to do this. By incorporating a pop of colour into your kitchen you can lift the atmosphere and transform the space within an instant. It’s the perfect way of bringing a personal touch to your décor. Kitchen retailer Wren Kitchens produced a great article to help you choose the best colour scheme for your kitchen which you can take a look at here!

High-Tech Gadgets

Just like everything in the digital world, kitchen devices are becoming smarter and smarter and everyone wants a piece of the action. From Alexa giving you delicious recipes, to fridges that have an interactive family hub built in, there are some amazing gadgets out there that you can add to your kitchen. Having the best kitchen gadgets in your kitchen will enhance your overall experience in the home, whilst taking your cooking to a whole new level. Take this Samsung Family Hub Fridge for example, it’s designed to provide you with entertainment, family communication, home control and food management, all from one fridge freezer. With this kind of technology gracing our kitchens, it’ll be amazing to see what’s trending this time next year in the interior gadget world!

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