A couple of things I’m loving this weekend

I’ve spent yesterday inside and lots of time to browse the internet, and when I say the internet, I mean it. So, here a couple of things that I love this weekend that are, let’s put it this way, relevant to this blog.

  1. Tatiana_home_decor‘s feed! If her home isn’t dreamy, I don’t what it is! Love everything!

2. Sezane’s new winter collection. I’d order everything. Did a separate blog post on Fashion in my eyes on it. 

3. I’ve binge watched the entire season of Living with yourself on Netflix and I loved it. Interesting plot! Did you watch it?

4.  This Urban Outfitters wood mirror. I’m thinking of getting a mirror for my bedroom and loved this one, but it doesn’t match my space… Still pretty, though.


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