Scorpio zodiac sign – All about the colors this sign loves in home decor

A sign who loves making its home the perfect sanctuary to hide from the world will search for a dark, romantic and mysterious color scheme. Also, their home will show power, creativity and great attention for every detail. So, here are the sensual and creative colors a Scorpio loves to use in its dreamy home:

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1. Red

Red, a powerful color that shows confidence and romance – two defining elements for a Scorpio –  is a must have for this sign’s home whether we are talking red details, red furniture or a bold red wall.

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2. Black

The color of the night – when the mysterious things are happening – is the perfect intimate and hidden shade for this private zodiac sign.

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3. Maroon

If you mix black and red you get maroon, a color that also shows the deep and emotional side this passionate sign has and cannot hide.

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4. Hot pink

An intense and powerful sign such as Scorpio loves shades that really stand out in a room and hot pink is for sure one of those bold colors easily capture your attention.

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5. Purple

Talking about bold colors and also creativity we can easily mention purple, an intense shade that provokes your imagination.

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