DIY Tiny Home Ideas You Can Start Building Today

The idea of a tiny home is fascinating, and people love it. The concept of tiny movable homes is getting popular, especially among the people living in crowded cities full of noise and polluted air. Tiny homes – as the name shows – are small houses, enough for a couple to spend their life away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can build your own tiny home, or you can get the services from companies like Doors Toronto and others which are offering Tiny Homes DIY Kits, Parts, and premade houses as well.

Here we are going to share some of the DIY Tiny Home Ideas. We are not going to tell step by step procedure to build them, but we’ll give you a good idea, and if you are rational enough, that idea would be enough to give you a good start. You can research on Google for more detailed plans about those ideas. So here we go:

The Homesteader Cabin

Homesteader Cabin is almost the size of a common room. The good thing about this DIY Tiny Home plan is that you can try with different layouts. The size of the house, i.e., 12×24, is good enough to fit in all your need. It will have enough space to carry your tools and utensils because you can make compartments for such things by trying different plans and layouts. For more ideas, you can search on the web, and you’ll find various fascinating ideas you can try for your homesteader cabin tiny home.

8×12 Tiny House

If you feel that 12×24 is luxury and hard to build or manage at a remote location, then why not to try this 8×12? When we think about tiny homes, we consider the rule, “Smaller the better”. 8×12 is the most popular tiny house and you can find various layouts and plan for this size because it’s not just easy to build but easy to carry as well if you want to take it to some remote location. It seems easy and basic, but you can employ your creativity to bring the magic out of this simplicity.

8×8 House

8×8 house is very small as you even try to imagine about it. It’s more like a micro-apartment in China where metropolitan life is really hard. But for a single person, 8×8 house would be a good idea. Even a young couple can fit in pretty easily if they want to spend some quality time together away from the smoke and noise.

Tiny Solar House

Planning to go far away from where you can’t even see the other man? Well, for that you may need your own energy source. In that case you must consider about Tiny Solar House. Tiny Solar house is one of the most popular ideas because it keeps you connected to your loved ones even if you are far away from them. You can use this house even if you have access to electrical energy because you will be saving the energy expenses.

Well, here we discussed only 4 tiny houses. The other ideas are Lookout Cabin, Quartz Tiny House, Texas Round House, Bohemian Home on Wheels and Ash House.

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