8 New cool minimal home decor ideas to try this season


Are you a minimal fan? Then, this season get more artsy and creative and pick one of these eight new cool minimal home decor ideas or just take parts of them an mix them up:

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1. A mid century twist

This season is all about mid century furniture, so choosing fewer pieces of furniture and only thinking about a great design and the dreamy impact this style will have you will create a fantastic minimal space. Also, think of a darker color scheme that will be ideal for the fall season.

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2. The classy and nostalgic green and brown colors combo

One color combo that’s perfect for the cold season and also for a minimal and elegant space is green and brown. It looks very traditional, timeless and classy and if you want to make it more modern and glam just add some golden accents to it.


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3. Retro inspired rattan chairs

Having a home looking like a bistro or looking pretty relaxing with rattan elements is absolutely amazing! So, this season mix your minimal furniture and deco pieces with fabulous retro inspired rattan chairs, whether we are talking about your living area, dining room or kitchen space.

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4. Nature inspired deco elements

These calm elements that begun being popular in the warm season are still trending creating a very relaxing home space. Also, they work wonders along cozy elements so think about rattan, raffia or wood when decorating the perfect minimal space.

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5. Seventies colors

This artsy colors scheme is just perfect for a minimal space. Choose it for any room and get creative with minimal furniture and your favorite minimal pictures, all framed around it.

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6. Dark walls

Make any minimal room winter themed with dark walls. They will make a great contrast along light furniture or you can go for an intimate or mysterious room and make the whole space super dark.

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7. Round mirrors

This season choose the mid century inspired round mirrors and add them in any minimal space. They will look amazing in your hallway, bathroom or bedroom. Choose them with a black or golden frame or pick one with no frame; its great shape will totally make an impact!

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8. Floating lamps

Lower hanging lamps named also floating lamps are great deco elements for a minimal space. Add them on top of your nightstand and lower then at the bed level to make it look like a nightstand light. Also, choose them for your kitchen space and add them on top of a kitchen island or above a side table in your living room.

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