8 Retro inspired bathroom ideas that will make you daydream

This season why not try making your bathroom a little bit retro, or more?  A vintage inspired bathroom has personality, elegance and it goes just perfect with the new trends. So, here are eight retro inspired bathroom ideas that will make you daydream:

1. Vintage inspired bathroom corner

Choose rattan furniture for your vintage inspired bathroom and mix it with a retro mirror and tiles with cool motifs. Also, choose retro inspired bathroom products and enjoy a relaxing day home.

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2. Golden details

A bathroom can instantly become retro, elegant and fancy with golden elements. Choose golden bottles or bathroom elements, golden taps or even a golden cart that can hold all your essential bathroom products. Match them with a modern shower curtain and green plants for the perfect bathroom space.

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3. Pink vibes

Pink screams a retro and modern space, so try some pink tiles for your vintage inspired bathroom. Match them with mid century inspired mirror and dreamy golden elements.

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4. Green and pink

For my favorite retro mix and the most elegant one you can find mix pink, green with golden and decorate your retro bathroom space with artsy elements, like an abstract painting.

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5. Mid century inspired bathroom

Choose glam mid century elements for your retro inspired bathroom space. Pick a round mirror and match it with golden elements and dreamy marble details.


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6. Art deco look

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7. A lot like art

A retro bathroom can look pretty artsy, especially if you pick special tiles mixed with a lot of golden elements. Also, mix and match textures and combine terracotta tiles with simple ones in bold or sea inspired shades.

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8. Terracota dream

Since terracotta is the new material you can use in your dreamy home, choose it even for your bathroom and match it with turquoise and green. Add also mid century inspired elements and make this the prettiest space of your home.

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