6 Dreamy Tarot inspired home deco ideas that will make any space more magical

Tarot cards are a constant inspiration for home decor bringing in a mystical and magical touch to any interior. Also, ithey add creativity and originality to any space, so here are six dreamy Tarot inspired home deco ideas that will make any space more magical:

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1. The star

The card of hope and faith is a perfect guider for your bedroom space or any nook you want to add in your home in this cold season. Frame this magical card or add a poster or tapestry with it and match it with dreamy pastels, glam elements and a lot of green plants.

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2. Dream on

Dream on in a magical space filled with tarot or zodiac inspired deco elements. Decorate a bed in fall colors with a magical tarot inspired blanket and match it with tarot themed pillow cushions. Then, all if left to do is have magical dreams and try to remember them.

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3. The moon

A symbol of intuition and dreams, this retro colorful card can make any space bolder, magical and full of personality. Make a great contrast with it by adding in a neutral space in cold shades paired with green elements.

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4. Relaxing corner

Make a relaxing corner in your dreamy home and make it shine with a statement tapestry with your favorite tarot card or one that really represents you. Add a lazy bench, oversized plants and lots of pillows that will make this space super cozy.


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5. Cozy day

It’s time for a cozy season when you can serve breakfast in bed add just chill all day. So, make the perfect setup in your bedroom space with a tarot tapestry surrounded with magic lights, fluffy and furry covers and a lot of pillows with different gorgeous prints.

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6. Scandi look

Make a Scandinavian setup in your fall home with tarot tapestry mixed with cozy deco elements in cold shades. Add also oversized green plants, knits and an ethno inspired rug to make this space super creative and perfect for the cold season.


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