6 Fabulous ways to style reed in your autumn themed home

Reed is definitely the IT plant to have in your gorgeous fall home. It has the autumn colors, it looks chic and it’s super versatile, especially when matched with cozy elements. So, here are six fabulous ways to style reed in your autumn themed home:

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1. On the nighstand

Add an instant fall touch in your bedroom by choosing some reed branches for your nightstand. Match it with nature inspired elements like rattan, wood or raffia and also neutral shades to get a calm vibe in this dreamy room.

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2. Styling a cabinet

You can easily style your hallway or living room cabinet with reed instead of flowers. Add them in a neutral vase and style it with matching deco elements. Pick line art, elegant candles and natures inspired deco elements that will give a relaxing touch to your whole home.

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3. On a vanity or desk

Any vanity space or desk will look even more gorgeous and fall themed with tiny reed. Add it in a golden or retro inspired vase and match it with a mid century or art deco mirror, some minimal art and stylish candles.

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4. In your bedroom space

To make your bedroom space more calm add reed in your favorite corner. Choose the oversized kind of reed and style it with a chic and calm rattan chair and stylish line art in neutral frames.

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5. In a corner of your living room

If you have a neutral living room or one that’s painted in fall colors you can also style it with oversized reed. Add this lovely plant in the empty corners of this room and also style it with some chic magazine or books.

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6. Styled in a retro corner

Retro elements work wonders along reed making a fabulous vintage corner ideal to read in a lazy day. Choose oversized reed for a corner of your living room and style it with a statement retro chair and your favorite books and magazines.

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