5 Useful Tips to Wear the Tie Clips Properly

Accessories can be considered as the minor details that add elegance to your outfit and make a bold statement when worn correctly. They have the ability to add style and personality to your outfits. A tie clip is a menswear accessory that is not only worn for fashion but also holds your tie in place. It is small bracket of metal or gold that emphasizes your personality while holding the shape of your tie. Here is a rundown of a few useful tips that can help you add stylish flair to your outfit with the help of tie clips.

1. The Right Placement:

Don’t ruin the look of your dress by placing your tie clip on the wrong spot. Placement is something most important. Too high placement of the tie clip will not serve its purpose and the too low tie clip will not be as visible and might lose sight. The right spot to place your tie clip is the space between the third and fourth button of your dress shirt. This helps to give you a taller look while enhancing your style.

2. The Right Size:

Choose a tie clip that covers about 3/4th of your tie. A clip that overlaps your tie looks sloppy. For instance if your tie is two inches wide, don’t wear a clip that’s two and a half inches wide. Therefore, always select the tie clips based on the width of your ties. The clips wider than the width of your tie are a big no-no! The narrow clip will also give a dwarfed effect. For a retro look, you can also go for a tie clip that equally wide as your tie.

3. The Right Occasion:

They not just meant to be worn on a wedding or a formal event. Tie clips can be worn as a fashion statement. You can also utilize your clips to their full potential by clipping both sides of your tie. That means you can also wear two clips at once. Another important factor to consider while wearing a tie clip is your outfit. While dressing up for an occasion such as a wedding or a corporate event, stick to one metal for the whole attire – your tie clip and watch should match to achieve the look you’re aiming for.

4. The Right Outfit:

You can wear a tie clip with a dress shirt or a suit. Whether you opt for a solid-coloured, stripped, or a knitted tie, a tie clip can add that extra element to your conservative look without running the dress code of the corporate world. Check out the tie clips for sale ranging from the traditional brushed steel to antiqued style. You can also buy executive style tie clips exclusively designed for your suits.

5. The Right Colors:

If you want to play it safe, buy those graceful gold-coloured or silver tie clips. You can also match your tie bars with the color of your jacket buttons or with your wristwatch. There is no hard and fast rule while selecting the colors for your tie bars and clips. They are available in black, silver, gold, rose gold, antique silver, and gunmetal.

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