5 Kitchen Gadgets to Inspire You on Chilly Fall Days

Let me share with you all my favourite kitchen gadgets that inspire me on cold fall days to make warm food, and it is a way for me to enjoy a cozier winter. To be honest, I don’t like keeping too many appliances in my kitchen, and it looks messy and useless to me. All I ever need is an essential set of appliances that work well, and I can pretty much accomplish anything in my kitchen. For me cooking at home during the fall or winter is all about finding comfort through flavours. I always keep my kitchen tools ready to make my cooking stress free during the winters.

  • The Enamel Dutch oven

A Dutch oven is my all-time favourite as I can cook almost anything in it. The cool thing about Dutch ovens is that they come in a variety of exterior colours, mine is red, my favourite colour. It easy to wash, it can be washed in a dishwasher. Most Dutch ovens come with a lifetime warranty. It can be used on any stove gas or electric, but I prefer gas because direct contact with fire brings out richer flavours. One thing that you need to keep in mind is to never use a Dutch oven over outdoor grills or campfire. 

The tight-fitting oven lid helps to retain during cooking, which is essential while preparing soups in winters. One other great thing about these ovens is that you can almost cook anything in them, thanks to their large size they are great for big families. I like cooking on lower heats because too much heat can destroy the nutrients in your food. These ovens are really good in retaining heat and work wonders for low heat, slow cooking recipes. If you don’t already have an enamel Dutch oven; I recommend you buy as soon as you can. Try buying an iron caste oven with an enamel core. There are some cheaper aluminium ovens in the market, but I don’t think you should consider purchasing an aluminium one. You can find a nice enamel Dutch oven for somewhere between $60-$100.

  • A nice Coffee maker to brew great coffee 

The coffee maker that suits you best depends on how much coffee you brew every day, how fast you want it, and whether you would like to adjust the strength. You can find a specific coffee maker of your choice, depending on your needs. My favourite is the French press, it makes strong, oily, rich flavoured coffee in only five minutes, and the French press is also incredibly easy to use and wash. There is nothing better than a large mug of coffee on a cold winter day.

You can spend more on a coffee maker with lots of special features, but some of the most basic coffee makers still make a decent cup of coffee. You will find a variety of machines when you shop, automatic drip systems, grind and brew, single-shot machines and some specialty coffee maker. If you consider yourself a connoisseur and want the quickest time between real beans and hot coffee, get a grind and brew machine. If you have a busy morning routine an automatic grind and brew machine will save you quite a deal of time, plus it the most convenient coffee-making method. An automatic coffee machine can cost you as little as $50 and go up to $400 for a machine that looks great and has tons of extra features.

  • An automatic soup maker

A soup maker is such a blessing in chilly fall days. It makes the whole process of soup making so much easier and faster. Basically, a soup maker is an all in one device, that allows you to pop in all sorts of vegetables, fruits and meats to make a wonderful soup. You can also choose to make your soup smooth, chunky, or in the middle, it does it all.

The reason I purchased a soup maker is that I really don’t want my soup to be anything less than perfect; it’s the best comfort food for me in the winters. Most soup makers have a self-cleaning function, and it means that you just need to pour in some water, turn your soup maker on and voila! It will automatically start cleaning itself. If you don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen, consider buying a soup maker before the winter. It is a quick way of making soup, shakes, smoothies and also different types of things you might not want to create on the hop.

To make a standard type of soup, all you need to do is chop off your vegetables pop inside the soup maker, pour some hot water, add anything you want and that it. In 40 to 50 minutes, depending on your ingredients, a nice warm soup will be ready.  

  • Chef’s knife 

A good chef knife is a must to have in your kitchen, a lot of chefs say this, a lot of people say this, but this really is true. Once you have a good knife, your kitchen skills are going to get so much better. If you are into cooking, you should know that developing knife skills is a key to start good cooking. I used to have really crappy knives, and when you have crappy knives, you don’t really realize how bad they are until you end up ruining a dish that you were cooking. If you get a chef knife, nothing will slip under the knife, and everything will be chopped off beautiful and uniform without putting in too much effort. You if you invest in one thing in your kitchen honestly get a chef’s knife, a good knife will cost you something around $20 to $60. You can get a knife in less than that, but I would suggest you go for something in this price range.

  • Steam cooker 

I absolutely recommend getting a steam cooker, and it’s a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle by cooking your food in steam. It’s also very convenient to use a steam cooker as you don’t have to worry about stirring your food, burning your food, leaving it too moist or too dry. A steam cooker will automatically take care of everything for you. All you need to do is to pour in your food, add an adequate amount to water and turn on the timer. A steam cooker is a way to get started if you are starting to learn cooking at home. It saves a lot of time and energies. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite kitchen gadgets that inspire me to cook on chilly fall days. 

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