7 Chic deco ideas to decorate a studio apartment

A studio apartment is always a good idea – it’s chic, budget friendly and also great as a first home. So, taking in mind some simple home deco tricks, you can increase the idea of space in your studio apartment, divide it better and make it look really stylish. Here are seven chic deco ideas to decorate a studio apartment:

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1. Use chic dividers

In a studio apartment you have to separate each zone to have a more clear idea of the space and to have the possibility to enjoy more rooms. From bookcases to shelves or dividers made of different materials, there are a lot of ways to separate a certain space. This season the black metal steel dividers are the coolest ones. Use them especially if you want to divide your kitchen in an open space.

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2. Use statement mirror to reflect light

Mirrors can easily increase a space bringing more light into a room. And because the studio apartment is usually tiny, you need a lot of mirrors to make the space seem larger. Use them for your bedroom and also pick retro, industrial or glam ones for your living room.

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3. Add statement art and furniture

Rather than thinking small in a small space, you have to think big! Choose statement framed pictures and paintings, a fabulous chairs or a coffee table that will capture the attention in the room. Big items don’t make a space look small and crowded; on the contrary they make it seem big because of their height and size.

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4. Use floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great idea to save space, but they also look pretty cool and stylish. Add them in your living room for books and different items and also add them in your bedroom above or next to your bed for small deco items that really look dreamy.

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5. Add texture

Texture adds depth to a space, so it’s a great idea for a studio apartment. From marble patterns to cool terrazzo, to all kinds of fabrics, bricks and rug texture get creative with your studio apartment.

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6. Create a dining area

No matter how small your studio apartment is, you can always fit a tiny dining area in it. So think of a French chic one or an artsy dining area and create your own home bistro where you can enjoy a romantic dinner or a great meal.

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7. Use luxury finishes

Since this season gold and the art deco deluxe pieces are a must-have for any home, think of this fabulous details when decorating your studio apartment. From golden lamps, to mirror or coffee tables you will easily find a deluxe item that will define your home.

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