Why it is Important to Have Sharp Blades for Your Lawnmower

If you own a lawn, it must bother you when sometimes your yard turns brown after a few days of mowing. Well, we have the answer for you! It is the blunt lawnmower blades. The question however is; how do you know when your lawnmower blades are dull? The general rule is you should sharpen your blades after approximately every 25 hours of mowing activity. This is, however, a rough estimate and the metrics might change depending on factors such as whether, if it is a rotary mower (motorized mower), the time it takes to mow your entire lawn, how often your grass grows, among others. But 25 hours of blade activity is generally sufficient for another sharpening session.

Benefits of Sharp Lawn Mower Blades

It is essential to have sharp blades to take proper care of your lawn. Sharp blades help you avoid lawns that appear ripped or torn. If the blades on your mower are blunt, they will rip out and tear the grass, leaving your yard looking ragged and unsightly. This will cause the yard to have a frayed appearance.

The frayed appearance will eventually lead to loss of moisture. Because the grass does not have enough water to sustain it, your lawn may end up losing colour and turning brown. The eventual result is a ghastly lawn sight that may shame you.

Another benefit of a lawnmower with sharp blades is that they help you keep the lawn healthy. With blunt blades for your lawnmower, your yard is left susceptible to insects, pests, and diseases, which eventually leads to your garden being an eyesore for the neighbourhood.

Having blunt blades for your lawn mower will also mean that you use more fuel, leading to higher utility bills.

When is it Time to Replace Your Mower Blades?

It is sometimes difficult to determine. Sharpening your blades often can be helpful. However, it does get to a point where nothing else is viable other than getting a new blade. Flymo plastic blades offer an excellent solution to long-lasting blades. These blades are made in a variety of sizes and fit a wide range of mowers in the market. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you need to get new mower blades.

  • Bends
  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Thin fin (Worn out trailing edge)

Sharpening Your Lawn Mower Blades

Blades wear out relatively quickly, and hence, it is crucial to equip yourselves with appropriate techniques to help you sharpen your blades. There are essential steps in doing so. For a general lawnmower, the procedure is:

  • Remove the mower blade (Use a drop sheet to avoid fuel and oil spillage)
  • Detach the spark plug cable (To prevent the engine from starting)
  • Tilt the mower to the side
  • Remove the blade
  • Sharpen or replace the blade

There are companies out there that are willing to sharpen your lawnmower blades if you are unable or unwilling to go through the DIY steps mentioned above. Of course, you will have to part with a small fee for having the dirty work done by someone else.


Sharp blades go a long way at improving the appearance of your lawn. They ensure efficiency whether you are using a push or a driving lawnmower. A sharp edge will surely make your work a lot easier. Lawn lovers understand the beauty of keeping a well-trimmed lawn, with proper attention to detail. Flymo plastics blades are made with all the nitty-gritties in mind, and they are perfect options for people looking for new blades to help improve on their lawn management. If you are looking for some blades to give your lawn that excellent finish, Spares2You has got you covered. Head on over there for the best deals on lawnmower blades. Be it an excellent finish, healthy-looking grass, or efficiency and easy of mowing; these blades are ideal for you.


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