How to prepare your swimming pool area for this summer


When you think about the summer season, you immediately imagine yourself having a cold drink next to your swimming pool and enjoying the hot weather. Summertime is fun but the heat can sometimes get too much so you need a little cooling in the swimming pool.

However, before you consider jumping in the water, you need to ensure that you properly prepare everything for the safety and the entertainment of you and your family. Your pool has been neglected for some time now, so there are a few things you must do to make it ready for the hot months.  Preparing your swimming pool area for the summer will involve more than just filling it up and jumping in. Here’s how to properly prepare your it to have a fun and stress-free summer.

Clean the swimming pool

The first essential aspect of the summer preparation process of your swimming pool is to clean it properly. If you have covered it during the winter months, you did the right thing because your work will be a thousand times easier. All you have to do is to clean the cover from any debris and remove it. However, if you forgot about this little, yet crucial, detail, you are going to have to put more effort into cleaning the pool. Remove leaves or other winter debris which have been gathering in your swimming pool during winter or spring season.

Inspect it and repair any broken element

Once you have finished cleaning the swimming pool properly, it is time for you to start inspecting every inch of it. Checking for any broken concrete or tile, peeled paint surface, and the filter and the pump is imperative if you want a fun summer by the pool and no headaches.  Ensure that everything looks and operates correctly and if there is any broken element make sure to fix it.

You need to properly clean the filter and the motor pump to be able to determine whether or not they perform at optimal levels. If there seems to be any problem with the filter and the pump, make sure you replace any broken part. Also, if any surface of the swimming pool has peeled, repaint the areas especially in the no-slip surfaces.

Improve the water quality

Although your swimming pool might seem ready for you to dive in, resist the temptation because there is one more important thing you must do first. You literally need to test the waters before diving in. You can use testing strips for the pool chemistry and dip them in the water to measure the chlorine and the PH value.

The PH value is the first thing you need to fix in order to improve the water quality of your swimming pool. Depending on the value you get when you test the water, add pH Plus or pH Min. Once you have obtained the right pH value in the water, you must test the chlorine level and add cyanuric-based tablets in the water to stop the sun from burning off the chlorine.

Green or brown water into the swimming pool is the nightmare of any homeowner. The water needs to be crystal-blue and it is not only a matter of aesthetics but it is also the best way to determine the quality of the water. Add a flocculant to the water to take all the dirt or debris particles to the bottom of the pool for the cleaning robot to get rid of them. the specialists from Blue waters explain that” pool alkalinity is a vital factor in keeping your swimming pool water both sanitary and pleasant to swim in”.

Consider swimming pool safety

A swimming pool is a wonderful house addition and can offer you and your family great entertainment and a place where you can spend quality time together. Unfortunately, during summer months there is a high risk for accidents to take place. Generally, kids are more often exposed to the risk of falling and drowning in the swimming pool because they lack swimming skills.

Swimming pool safety is imperative for the wellbeing of your family. The most common hazards which are associated with injuries or even death include inadequate supervision or unsupervised diving activities. Moreover, even cloudy pool water can be a risk for the swimmers because it affects the visibility of the pool bottom.

For a fun and stress-free summer at the swimming pool, make sure you install swimming pool safety equipment such as fences that will stop your kids from diving into the water when you are not around and take proper care of the water quality.

Add entertainment and comfort

The scenery around your swimming pool can have a huge impact on how your swimming pool area will look and feel like. When preparing it for summer, you also need to take into consideration the equipment you will use for improved comfort. Sunbathing is just amazing when you have a swimming pool next to you to cool up a little bit from times to times. For improved comfort, you can install sunbeds in your pool area where you and your family can sit to enjoy the sun.

Swimming pool areas are well-known for being great places for family barbeque parties. After swimming all day long, anyone feels a little hungry. Thus, you can install a portable barbeque next to your swimming pool to be prepared for the summer parties with your loved ones. Swimming pools are fun for the entire family but why not add a little bit of extra entertainment to enhance your summer. You can fill it with balls and toys and have fun with your little ones while playing fun pool games.

Once you have finished preparing your swimming pool for the opening of the summer season, you need to maintain it all summer long. Keep the swimming pool clean and constantly check the water quality and enjoy the lazy summer afternoons with your loved ones.

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