8 French decoration tricks that will make your home more chic than ever

We always love to look at a French chic spaces or homes. They look really stylish, contemporary and effortless. So, to help you out in finding the perfect French chic mix for your dreamy home here are eight decoration tricks that a French person would definitely choose:

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1. Mix & Match vintage and contemporary items

The whole French style and the stylish and modern vibe this space always ends up having is due to a great old and new mix. So, think about fabulous vintage pieces and restored items and pair them with glam and modern items that make the room really shine and looking as good as new.

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2. Use items that are not that perfect

The French style always look effortless and not out of a home decor magazine. That’s because they also use damaged and imperfect pieces that add value in time and give personality to a space. So, think twice before giving up an item that can actually look very stylish and modern in your home.

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3. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles

The French chic rooms always look pretty eclectic and the styles seem to go great together. So, think about your favorite styles when decorating your French chic home, and mix them up, use one deco piece from a style with a piece of furniture from another one and note to use the right proportions. Think about a neutral color palette and let the colorful items in different styles glam up the room with great personality and style.


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4. Choose at least one iconic piece for your French chic home

Read a lot about home decor and see which are the items that really stuck in your mind. Then, invest in at least one iconic piece you are really found of. These kind of pieces will add taste and style in your dreamy home.

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5. Think formal and day to day activities in the same time

A dining table and space can look effortless during the day and during the evenins, this piece can become a fabulous dining space where you can host home parties. Think about versatile furniture that’s easily to transform and chic elements that can change the look of a furniture piece really fast.

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6. Choose to restore something old rather than buy something new

If you find old pieces that have potential restore them, paint them or give them a modern vibe with a new fabric. These items will be timeless and will look fabulous in your French chic home. This way you will always have a style mix and feel more French and eclectic.

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7. Don’t choose just one color or one style in your home

Having a monochromatic home or one made in just one style is not French at all and it tends to be dull. So, you can stick with a color if you want but add contrast in that room with different layers, fabrics, prints and small colorful accents. Also, if you don’t want too many styles, find styles that work great together and match them.

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8. Play with different items

Two styles that don’t necessarily go great together can look amazing in the same room. Think about color, lines and proportion and mix velvet with terrazzo, vintage elements with a Scandinavian furniture or industrial elements with vintage pieces.


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