Contemporary Designs to Look for When Buying a New Home

Buying your first house is an exciting time for you and your family. But finding the perfect home can be quite nerve-wracking. How do you know if the house you’re buying is really worth the price?

Well, without using an evaluator there are certain features of a house you can pinpoint that add value to the property. After all, you don’t want to purchase a house only to find the bathroom tiles are beginning to crack.

Decor also plays an important part in the value of a property. Try spotting these contemporary designs when you’re looking for a new home.

The Use of Natural Stone

The use of natural stone is popular in home décor. Some natural stone has been used for many years especially in kitchens. For instance, granite countertops are trendy because they’re both beautifully elegant and practical.

Granite countertops have a smooth glossy finish that stays cool even in the hottest of temperatures. It’s the ideal natural stone for kitchen countertops because it regulates heat. Granite is also safe because it’s fire resistant.

Natural stone is economical because of its durability. Granite will never crack, chip or fade in color which means there’s no need for future countertop replacements. This is probably why homes with granite countertops in the kitchen sell faster.

Another natural stone décor to look for is marble tiled floors in the bathroom and kitchen. Marble is known to repel bacteria and mold so the surfaces are easy to maintain. Polished marble floors paired with pendant lights add a bright glow to small spaces that make it appear spacious.

The Aesthetics of Correct Lighting

Look for a property with lighting that creates a peaceful ambiance. The lighting should complement the décor around the house from the color of your walls to the finish on your tiles.

This is especially important when it comes to how big the space is. With incorrect lighting, open spaces can feel cold and unwelcoming. When there’s a big open space there should be higher ceilings so the light can illuminate the entire area without making it too bright. There will also be fewer light fixtures on a high ceiling which means less work for you when you need to change light bulbs.

For smaller spaces, you’ll notice pendant lights or wall lamps are often used.

When you move into your new home, why not improve the lighting? Hang one or two mirrors to brighten the space even more.

Are the Décor Colors for You?

The final thing you should look for in a new home is the color of the paint on the walls and if it matches the flooring. Sometimes homes have too many hues in their color schemes that don’t fit well together.

You should also consider whether your current furniture will complement the interior of the house.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new home or you want to sell property particularly in the Seattle region use a reputable realtor such as Scott Haveson. Experienced agencies will be able to help you find your dream home in no time, no matter your preferred decor tastes.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for? Use these tips to redecorate to your heart’s content.


Photo by iAlicante Mediterranean Homes on Unsplash

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