7 Relaxing bedrooms for a lazy summer

Summer is quite a lazy season and sometimes you just want to lie on the bed and imagine you are at the beach you just want to plan your next big vacation. So, this season make your bedroom truly relaxing, here are seven dreamy suggestions for you:

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1. Oriental moments

If you love the oriental style choose a bed in this amazing style and also add an oriental inspired lamp next to it. Then, all is left are the creative and bold color touches you can choose for your sheets, covers or rugs.

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2. Creative summer

This summer think about your bedroom as a creative movie or TV show set. Add movie or pop culture inspired posters all around the room, choose printed deco elements for the bed think only about colors when decorating your dreamy bedroom.

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3. Ethno details

The ethno style always looks relaxing so make a classy or traditional bedroom more chic using ethno sheets and pillows cushions, dreamy plants, a stylish rug with stripes and a gorgeous rattan lamp.

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4. A pink artsy summer

This summer go pink! And we’re talking pink walls, sheets, bed covers and pillow cushion. Sound amazing, right? Well, make this space more artsy and mix pink with terracotta shades and add a statement artsy picture on top of the bed.

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5. Nostalgia moments

I absolutely love this bedroom, it’s dreamy and relaxing and perfect for a nostalgic summer full of dreams. So add a vintage inspired map on top of your bedroom to mark the places you want to visit, add magic lights, a glam retro round mirror and also place your favorite summer flowers next to the bed.

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6. Boho style

Mix the boho style with the summer’s Moroccan style and add a colorful twist to this stylish space. Think of pastels that look like candy colors and add also a lot of green plants, pillows and Moroccan elements all around this lovely room.

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7. A dark color scheme

This bedroom is perfect when all you want to do is rest and sleep after a chaotic day or exhausting city break. So, choose a dark color scheme and dim the light in this relaxing room. Then, add color accents all around the space and also choose a printed or colorful bed cover.



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