A Beginner’s Guide To Cladding

Cladding is the application of one material on another on homes, offices and buildings to provide an extra layer that serves multiple purposes. Cladding is attached to the building’s structure, usually on its exterior, and plays a structural role by reducing the pressure of external conditions and transferring its weight to the building’s framework. Excellent quality and well-installed cladding enhance the advantages it serves and lasts longer.

Uses of cladding

  • Protect the building from weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind.
  • Aid thermal insulation
  • Provide security
  • Prevent spreading of fires
  • Act as openings for sunlight and ventilation
  • Seal air in the building
  • Prevent sound from getting out
  • Provide resistance from termites and rot

Common types of cladding

  • Curtain wall systems

Curtain walling is a non-structural system. It is used for external cladding and is mostly associated with large buildings.

  • Composite panels

Also called a sandwich panel, a composite panel is made up of two layers of rigid material combined with a layer of a light core. It is used where lightweight and high structural rigidity is required.

  • Patent glazing

Patent glazing is a two-edged support system which is fixed to the main structure of a building. While it provides resistance and supports its weight, it doesn’t contribute to the building’s stability. It is the most commonly found in overhead glazing.

  • Rainscreen

A rainscreen is attached to a building as part of double-wall construction. The rainscreen provides resistance to water and air leakage and aids thermal insulation.

  • Timber cladding

It is a common method of cladding. Timber cladding can be altered easily to create a variety of designs and has a natural resistance to decay and moisture.

Choose the right cladding service

Now that you know cladding is, how do you select a company that will give the best services. If you start looking, you will come across plenty of cladding service companies, and each of them will seem quite the same and equally great. While they may all sound similar, there sure will be differences in the way each will work and what end product they will provide you. So how exactly do you choose a cladding service for your building?

Here are some factors that will you help you select the best:

  • Client-Oriented- This is the most critical aspect of any construction or renovation service. A personalised service will allow you to finalise cladding that is according to your needs and help decide on the best option available according to your budget.
  • Reliable and trustworthy- It is quite underestimated how vital reliability and trust is when one is looking for a cladding service. While a cladding service may do the project, it is you who has to reside or work in that space. So, it is essential that the end product meets your expectations.
  • Experience- Hiring a cladding service with experience is paramount for the primary reason that it can assist you in making the most prudent choice for your home or office. Cladding is technical, and its specifications are not typical know-how. So, you may often find yourself in an unfamiliar area. A service with experience can recommend the best options available to finalise what you are looking for, whether you need to install Aluminium Composite panels in Brisbane or external wall cladding in Gold Coast.
  • Price- The best cladding service is the one that provides excellent services and is affordable at the same time. Many claddings require regular maintenance, while others just need to be cleaned once or twice a year. A cladding project with substantial costs may affect your ability to maintain it later drastically.
  • Free consultation- Always opt for cladding service companies that provide a free consultation. A free consultation offers a preview of the company’s workings. This way, you know exactly what you can expect at the end.
  • Range of services- It is better to hire a company that provides different types of claddings such as combustible cladding, external wall cladding etc. and also re-clad. It indicates varied knowledge of the field and also that you can hire them for renovations and maintenance of the cladding.



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