8 Sophisticated bedrooms for a bourgeois summer

This season make the bedroom the most special room of your home and choose a sophisticated style for this dreamy interior. From elegant or retro rooms, to chic spaces, here are eight sophisticated bedrooms that welcome a bourgeois summer.

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1. A pretty dream

This season dream in an all white room! What you should dream about? Well, that’s easy – the calming nature! So decorate an all white bedroom with a lot of gorgeous green plants.

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2. All the memories

Decorate your bedroom in white and choose a fancy bed for this relaxing interior. Give personality to this space by making a statement gallery wall on top of the bed where you can add artistic picture with vintage inspired frames.

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3. Artsy moments

Make your bedroom really sophisticated by adding a dreamy bench next to your bed. In the warm season choose one made of wood or cork, it will make the whole space look really calm. Also, decorate this space with chic books, green plants and artistic sketches in neutral frames.

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4. Vintage vibes

Get inspired by the boudoir style when creating your sophisticated bedroom. Choose old posters or floral details and add a glam golden vintage nightstand. Also, make this interior spring inspired and truly relaxing by choosing rattan elements like a great statement lamp.

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5. Elegant days

Nothing says class, elegance and a sophisticated room like a touch of velvet. So, choose a velvet bench for your sophisticated bedroom or at least some velvet pillows or covers.

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6. A pop of color

Think of a colorful touch when it comes to a neutral and sophisticated bedroom. We love yellow or Terracotta for an interior like that, these colors are warm, vibrant, but they also all have a great elegant touch.

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7. Make a statement

Make a sophisticated bedroom really stand out by choosing a statement art pictured on top of the bed. This season think about artsy sketches, line art, but also paintings or photos in a retro color scheme.

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8. In a vintage way

Mix modern and vintage pieces to create the perfect sophisticated mix for your bedroom. For the perfect retro touch choose a canopy bed and add next to it a vintage inspired nightstand and the perfect statement lamp.

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