8 Comfy Scandinavian Living Rooms for a relaxing summer

Even in Spring we search for the perfect Scandinavian space that can bring us comfort, calm and a relaxing vibe. Also the Scandinavian style goes great with the nature feeling and a lot of green plants that scream summer, so here are eight comfy Scandinavian living rooms that will inspire you this summer:

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1. A touch of spring

Make your Scandinavian home more graphic and full of personality with a statement rug with a black and white graphic print. Also, make the whole Scandi space more comfy by mixing different fabrics for your pillows and covers. This way the room will have shape and everything will look super dreamy!

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2. The darling vibe

Give a darling spring feeling to a neutral Scandinavian space by adding pink elements all around the room. Add beautiful pink roses on your coffee table and also decorate your sofa with dreamy pink pillows.

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3. Dreamy spring

Make a neutral Scandinavian space spring ready with a lot of fresh flowers added around the coziest elements you can think about. Also, make this space truly chic and comfy by choosing a knitted oversized cover that will make the sofa really stand out in the room.

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4. Californian vibe

For the warm season mix the Scandinavian style with the Californian look. You will have an exotic and comfortable space all together. Mix a gorgeous Scandi rug with tropical plants, add covers all around the space and pick a tropical landscape and a touch of pink for the room.

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5. The grey sofa

Work a great Scandinavian room styling around a versatile grey sofa. Choose colorful printed rugs with an ethno print; add green flowers and a touch of glam with golden deco elements of furniture, like a great mid century inspired coffee table.

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6. A romantic touch

Knitted pillows, a gorgeous statement rug, rattan elements and pillows cushions with frills make a cool comfy space that’s perfect for this spring. Moreover, make this scenario more dreamy and romantic by adding roses and peonies in a vase and styling your coffee table with beautiful fancy elements like albums and candles.

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7. Grey elements

A neutral and grey sofa is sometimes a little bit cold for the spring season so make it nature themed and add green plants all around the room. Also, choose a printed black and white rug and a chic marble coffee table to make everything comfy and also modern.

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8. All about the comfort

Pair a gorgeous statement rug with oversized plants; this will be the perfect mix for the warm season in a Scandi space. Also, get inspired by the Moroccan coffee table and spring themed elements add pair them with comfy and cozy elements like knitted pillows and covers.

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