7 Incredible dining spaces you will be smitten with this summer

Make your summer special with an incredible dining space were you can enjoy a coffee or invite your friends for a fabulous dinner. Get artsy, classy and chic and also get inspired by these seven dreamy spaces:

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1. The perfect design

Mix and match a classy and traditional inspired table with bistro chairs and make it looks like a garden table by surrounding it with oversized plants and a lot of flowers in vases. Also, emphasize on the summer vibe by choosing a rattan lamp for this dreamy space.

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2. Artsy vibe

Because this season is truly artsy choose a statement painting for your dining space ant match your table and chairs with it. Moreover choose retro inspired lamps for this space and decorate a vase with green leaves, they will look pretty artistic!

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3. Read and dine

Make a common dining and reading space where you can mix and match a versatile bookcase with your favorite books with an elegant table. Also, decorate this pretty space with green plants, summer flowers and colorful framed pictures.

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4. Cool and relaxed vibe

Mix the industrial style with some relaxed Californian chic elements. Create a cool dining space that looks like a hype pub and enjoy a coffee or a good lunch or dinner with friends in your dreamy home. Also, add oversized plants and cool lamps around this space and decorate a cute shelf with fun deco items.

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5. Shabby afternoon

Mix a shabby look with a retro touch and some modern vibes in creating an incredible eclectic dining space for this summer. Pick old chairs painted in different pastels and mix them with modern stools. Also, choose vintage candles to set the mood and also add your favorite summer flowers on a perfect white table.

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6. Elegant and romantic

How about a romantic and classy evening? Well, all you need to do is pick a fabulous chandelier for your dreamy home and decorate your table with golden candlesticks and summer flowers in elegant vases. Also, you can make this space cozy and chic by adding white covers on some of the chairs.

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7. Garden fun

Imagine you’re in a beautiful garden in Italy and decorate your dreamy table with small orange or lemon trees. Also, make this space truly artistic by surrounding your dining table with framed pictures and paintings. Also, emphasize on the garden vibe by adding a retro or elegant bench in the corner of this space.

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