6 Cool and organized small interiors for a functional home

Small spaces can also be cool, all you need is creativity, some imagination and the perfect tiny pieces that can fit together perfectly. So, here are six inspirational small spaces that help you organize your life and have more rooms and areas in a tiny apartment:

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1. Bedroom and dining space

Make a chic dining space in your bedroom; everything can look retro fantastic or French chic. Choose a table for two and match it with bistro chairs. Also, choose a rack for your clothes and add it next to your bed. This space will also look like a chic boutique or coffee shop.

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2. Kitchen and dining space

Make a very cool and pub looking space in your kitchen. It can serve as a lunch table, a dining space for your friends or even a counter for cooking or storing different ingredients. Choose a wide table that looks like a bench and match it with different kind of chairs.

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3. Bedroom and living room

If you have a one room apartment make this space a living room and a bedroom. Think of an element that can separate both rooms like a bench, a carpet or a bookcase and choose a smaller bed and sofa than the ones you thought about initially. Also, think about different shelves and storing solutions you can add around the room. Don’t add unnecessary furniture, just the ones you can store items on.

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4. Bedroom and office

Add you office space in your bedroom and make this room really creative and dreamy. Add your favorite deco items on shelves and choose items that define your personality to decorate your whole room. Also, choose relaxing deco pieces and furniture made out of rattan or wood.

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5. Living room and terrace

If you love summer and staying on the terrace and balcony make your living room an extension of your terrace. Add oversized plants and tiny green plants and flowers all around the room and choose neutral and summer inspired furniture. Add also ethno inspired elements that give a boho vibe to this relaxing space, like a dreamy rug.

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6. Colorful bathroom

Choose a cool tiny sink for your bathroom and add a cabinet for storing just underneath it. Also, choose a high shelf next to the sink where you can store all your items and add also pretty deco elements that will make this room eye-catchy. Moreover, this season choose a pop of color for this lovely space.

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  1. Small spaces. Big inspo! Thank you for sharing. we’re big fans of small spaces. they can be easier (mORE fun) to transform to reflect personal style and design for lifestyle practicality.