What are the Best Microwaves for a Small Kitchen

Microwaves come in all shapes and sizes and unless you are planning to have your microwave  wall mounted or mounted into a kitchen unit, it will take up counter space. If you have a small kitchen, space will be a consideration and you will want to conserve as much of it as possible in order to make sure that you have enough free workspace to allow you to move around your kitchen, chop, cook, prepare and serve food and accommodate other gadgets.

It would make sense therefore to look for a small microwave that would fit neatly into one of the spaces that you have.It can be tricky to find the right one and it is important that you assess each of the features before you make the purchase. Small does not have to mean that you compromise on the power of the appliance or the style, it just means that you may have to shop around a bit to find the correct product.

Power is important, a microwave should make your cooking process fast and effective and a low powered microwave can lead to frustration, with food taking longer to cook. You should look for a microwave with a high wattage to allow you a fast cooking speed.

Size is obviously your consideration so look at the capacity and the size of plate that the microwave will accommodate. Some microwaves come with bulkier casings and you would want to avoid that. Look for the length, breadth and depth, you can make a template using the base dimensions and move it around your kitchen to make sure that the fit is going to be right.

Ease of use may be a factor for you, some microwaves are easier to work than others and some have quick cook settings allowing you to start your microwave with the push of a button. The operating controls have to be comfortable for you.

Cleaning is a factor and you want to choose a microwave that is going to be easy to clean both on the inside and on the outside. Microwaves with a lot of small buttons on the outside can prove a frustration when it comes to the cleaning process.

Colour and Style can also be important. If you have a particular style to your kitchen, ultra modern or rustic, country, you may want to purchase your microwave to fit in with that and microwaves can be purchased in a variety of designs from the sleek to the retro according to preference. People also like their appliances to be of the same color, the microwave to match the kettle and toaster for example, small size microwaves also come in a range of colour and style options.

Cost will be variable according to features, wattage and also style. If your space is limited, you will not be able to choose from the whole of market for your purchase but shopping online should still give you a range of options.

The best microwaves for a small kitchen should factor in size, power and cost and be easy to use and clean. This article helps you choose the best small microwave.

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