Wood Hangers Can Extend the Life of Your Clothes: Here’s How

Your clothing is not only an investment, but a reflection of your own personal taste, character, and the figure you present to the world. Luxury wooden coat hangers, once only found in high-end boutiques, have become more popular for private use for those seeking to increase the longevity of their clothing. If you’ve never considered wooden hangers, there are several benefits to adding them to your closet. One of the most important advantages? Luxury wooden hangers can extend the life of your clothing.   


Why Use Luxury Wooden Hangers?

  • Proper Support: A key weakness with metal and plastic hangers is their tendency to buckle and break over time. Metal hangers can easily be bent and plastic hangers crack or snap due to age or lack of quality materials. A lack of proper support can damage your shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, and other articles of clothing. In addition to sagging, metal and plastic hangers can break completely, leaving your clothing on the floor of your closet. Luxury wooden hangers are sturdy and can last for years, giving your clothing the support it needs.
  • Prevention of “Armhole Stretch”: The lack of support plastic and metal hangers offer can eventually stretch out the armholes on your clothing. As noted, metal hangers can bend over time, causing clothing to hang unevenly. This uneven weight distribution can cause the armholes on the garment to become stretched out due to the unnatural angle. This can also occur with plastic hangers due to cracking or snapping with age. Also, unlike wooden hangers, metal and plastic ones often cannot support the weight of heavier clothing such as a jacket or winter sweater.
  • Collar Protection: The pressure put on a piece of clothing if it hangs unevenly or without proper support can damage the collar as well the armholes. Wooden hangers, in addition to offering proper support for the entire garment, also offer features such as padding or clips to support your clothing in all areas. A key factor in collar damage is the excess weight placed on one are due to the flimsy construction you’ll find in cheaper plastic and metal hangers Luxury wooden offer an all-around more supportive base to hang your garments, ensuring collar strain becomes a thing of the past.
  • Support for “Unique” Clothing Items: The uncommon clothing items in your closet require special hangers to ensure proper support and safe storage. By using sturdy, multi-faceted luxury wooden hangers you reduce damage to your special items of clothing and increase its overall lifespan. Wooden hangers can be purchased specifically for suits, skirts, gowns, overcoats, even headwear!

Luxury wooden hangers can greatly extend the life of your clothing. In addition to protecting your cherished garments, wooden hangers are long-lasting and add a touch of class to your closet and overall wardrobe. Because of these many benefits, there are several high-quality brands of wooden hangers available for purchase. However, it can be hard knowing where to start with so many different types available. It’s important to explore the numerous designs, uses, and even wood types of hangers for your closet. To find out more about the top of wooden luxury hangers you should invest in, the Gentleman’s Gazettehas compiled a comprehensive review to assist you as a starting point.

Cover by Kai Pilger from Pexels


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