Lagom: Create a Scandi-inspired bathroom that’s simple yet stylish

Interior design trends may come and go but sometimes the odd few linger long into our collective memories. In recent times, we were all raving about “Hygge”. Deriving from an apparently untranslatable Danish word, this trend saw us all reaching for chunky cable-knit throws, candles and mugs of hot chocolate, to create a cosy home in which to hunker down over the winter months.

Well, our Scandinavian cousins are at it again, with “Lagom” becoming the new buzzword in stylish interiors. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the meaning of Lagom and how you can create a beautiful bathroom design, with simple yet stylish bathroom furniture, that demonstrates the very best in Scandi-influenced décor.

What is Lagom all about?

Lagom is yet another word which doesn’t translate perfectly into English. In fact, it’s a Swedish word which has the rough meaning of “just enough”. It derives from a proverb: “Lagom är bäst” which means “the right amount is best” or “less is more”. This is the basic notion of Lagom living and interior design.

Lagom is ideal for those who appreciate the simple things in life, without feeling the need to clutter up their homes with collected junk over the course of years and years. It’s not about ornate decoration or lavish furnishings, it’s about getting the balance just right; not too little, not too much.

Not just an interior design trend, Lagom can be viewed as a lifestyle choice— an approach you can take as you go about your everyday business. For example, when out shopping, it’s not about splurging, it’s about buying the right number of things for your needs. It’s about being more mindful about your consumption, even down to the small things like saving water when in the bathroom.

So, how does Lagom translate into your home interiors and, more specifically, how can it be integrated into your bathroom?

The basics of a Lagom bathroom

If you live in a busy family home, you’ll appreciate that your bathroom can often feel cramped, cluttered and unloved, with all manner of toiletries, towels and often toys covering each and every available surface. Lagom may require you to be a little ruthless in ridding your space of clutter, however it will certainly change the way you view your bathroom, and maybe even change your lifestyle for the better.

The first thing to address is your colour scheme. You’ll want to create a relaxing environment and the best way to do this is to select warming shades that aren’t too dominant, like soft brown, mushroom, ivory or even on-trend grey. Cool colours and bright whites might feel too stark, leading to a bare, minimalist appearance, which certainly isn’t the look we’re after.

Mindfulness is another life approach which goes hand in hand with Lagom. There should be a greater consideration about creating a relaxing and peaceful space in which you can be single-minded and shut out all other external influences. By choosing just the right amount of accessories, you will certainly be sticking to this concept.

When choosing your bathroom suite and any storage units, look for items that have curved edges. This will help soften the look of your overall décor. Make sure your bath sits in front of a window, to give you plenty of natural light.

Build character in your bathroom with natural elements, like a wood finish vanity unit or cabinet. You certainly don’t have to splash out on these items. For example, vinyl flooring or shower wall panels with a wood or stone effect finish will do the job just as well as the real thing. According to the Daily Telegraph, some homeowners are even using paper as home décor, although with the bathroom being quite a damp and humid space, this isn’t very practical.

With many of us living in urban environments, adding greenery to your bathroom space is important, as it will help purify the air and promote a more natural way of life. Again, be selective and make sure you don’t drown out any other elements in your bathroom.

To add the finishing touches, some simple wall prints and downlights will create a soft and simple ambience.

With so many of us leading busy lives, a Lagom bathroom could be the perfect antidote, helping to maintain both our physical and mental wellbeing. So, it’s hardly surprising that beautiful Scandi-style homes are here to stay!

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