7 Luxurious Parisian style spaces you will love

Since Parisian homes are well-known for their romantic charm and sophisticated vibe, we gathered seven dreamy Luxurious Parisian spaces that we hope will inspire you this blooming season:

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1. The artsy dining room

This season make your dining room really artsy. Choose a statement painting featuring abstract art and pick elegant chairs for your dinner table. Separate this area with a neutral rug and make the whole space chic and fresh with stylish flowers in vases.

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2. Blue Paris

Blue and pink are the perfect shades you can choose for your velvet furniture in a Luxurious Parisian inspired space. Match them with a fabulous chandelier and statement art and enjoy a sophisticated evening in your dreamy home.

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3. The retro office

Make a retro office more chic by adding a knitted cover on the chair. Also, make it stand out with a chic gallery wall featuring black and white art. Also, decorate the office table with a retro inspired lamp and green plants.

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4. Go for a vintage style!

Because this season is all about art and vintage pieces, this trend will fit in perfectly in a Parisian chic home. So, choose a statement and colorful painting and make it the star of your home. Also, chose comfy retro armchair, elegant curtains and a great colorful rug.

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5. The artistic studio

If you live in a tiny apartment or a studio you can make a common living room and bedroom area in a luxurious Parisian style, of course. Decorate your bed with a lot of dreamy pillows, add line art around the space, and choose a chic chandelier for the wonderful interior.

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6. Dinner in two

Make a very romantic corner in your home by choosing two Beetle chairs and a mid century inspired round table. Surround this beautiful corner with colorful art and your favorite plants and spring flowers.

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7. Mirror mirror

Make a gallery wall featuring stylish mirrors on an empty wall next to your sofa. Then, choose elegant candlesticks for your coffee table and also add fresh roses in a chic vase. Everything will look Parisian chic and really dreamy!

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