7 Hippie Bohemian ideas for a dreamy van life

Be adventurous and explore the world in a dreamy bohemian van. Even a tiny van can look as dreamy as a small apartment so if you still don’t believe us, here are seven dreamy bohemian ideas to decorate a van:

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1. Green and pretty

Decorate your dreamy van with a lot of tiny green plants and colorful curtains. Also, add wooden storage solutions around the space that will work great with the bohemian look and will help you store your favorite books and all you memories from your lovely van trip.

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2. Lights on!

Your bohemian van will look magical with a lot of neutral dreamy lights. Surround the whole space with them and you will feel like having a special day everyday in your van. Also, get inspired by the nature and choose an Earthy shade like Terracotta for your bed pillows and add tiny green plants next to them.

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3. White scenario

White curtains, white furniture and a white rugs will give the illusion of space in your small van. Also, make this space more boho using rugs with frills, green plants and wooden deco elements like a beautiful tiny chair.

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4. Wine time

If you are a wine lover this is the perfect van for you. Make a tiny wooden bar to serve your favorite wine and add wine quotes on a tiny chalkboard. Also, match this themed corner with a lot of pillows in neutral covers or add some with frills, the whole space will look super boho and cozy!

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5. To the moon and back

Because living in a van you get to camp in the clear sky, think about constellation and celestial symbols when decorating your dreamy van. Moreover, make this symbols boho and match them with printed elements in a chic color scheme like red, white and black.

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6. Cozy days

Get cozy and boho in your van by decorating your bed with neutral covers with frills. Also, next to your tiny van bed add a printed rug in the darling bohemian style and also, choose a printed cover instead of curtains. As for the color palette, choose one inspired by the Earth and nature like green and brown.

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7. White dream

A white bohemian decor will always look chic and also very comfy. So, choose all white elements when decorating your lovely van and add just a pop of color or choose black and white when it comes to boho prints. Also, choose knitted elements that will give a cozy vibe to this gorgeous space.

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