Nomadic style –5 Reasons you should choose this free spirited and cool style for spring


Just in time for the warm season, the Nomadic style is that home deco look that’s perfect for people who love to travel and collect souvenirs. Also, it’s great for people who love a free spirited home, full of personality and with a design that mixes different interesting cultures. So, start your spring with the Nomadic style, here are five reasons you should choose it:

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1. It’s more colorful than the bohemian style

Inspired by the bohemian style, the Nomadic style features a more contemporary design and also a more colorful home. And being a very colorful season you will love to match neutral and contemporary furniture with colorful elements that remind you of different countries you visited or different prints that show different cultures.


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2. It show one of a kind pieces

This season we have to get more creative in our home and find that one of a the kind elements that will define our dreamy interior. The Nomadic style focuses on one of a kind pieces, being a style that shows a lot of pieces you collect from your trips, getaways or vintage stores. You can show your collection by making a dreamy gallery wall with them, or add them in different corners of every room, your whole home will get that special twist to it.

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3. It focuses on a mix & match game

Focusing on a lot of print and colors, The Nomadic style it’s a lot about a mix & match game where you show your most priced items from your travels or favorite local shops in your home. From colorful covers to printed pillows, ethno inspired rugs or Moroccan lamps, make your home really special and unique.

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4. It has that tribal, free-spirited twist to it

Think of the Wild Wild West and give it a modern twist. Mix rustic and traditional elements from different cultures with modern and cool tribal elements and make your home unique. Also, add cute cactuses around your space, this is a wild and exotic touch the Nomadic style has. Therefore, this look shows a free-spirit that will make you think your home is a retreat. Also, the creativity of this style will make you think constantly of new trips and adventures.

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5. It show a cool rustic elegance

The rustic trend is still trending so now give it a Nomadic twist. Choose rustic deco elements and mix them with bold colors and ethno inspired prints. Also, mix rustic deco elements with modern furniture with a similar style. The trendy or rattan elements will blend in great in the Nomadic scenario.

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