7 Pink and brown interiors – the nostalgic and calm combo for this season

One of the most popular color combos of this season – pink and brown – brings a calm and retro feeling into a space. Also, they look simply dreamy and elegant so choose them for your spring home. Here are seven splendid ideas for you with this nostalgic color combo:

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1. The retro bathroom

Because retro bathrooms and spaces are so popular right now, try one in pink and brown. Paint your dreamy bathroom in pink and decorate it with vintage inspired furniture in brown and retro inspired framed pictures and sketches. The whole space will look super artsy.

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2. The calm bedroom

Paint your bedroom with a dusty or blush pink for the perfect relaxing vibe that will say hello to the warm season. Mix and match your white sheets with nostalgic brown color accents and add gorgeous green leaves in a vase.


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3. Focus on every detail

Add retro furniture in a pink living room and make this the perfect space to relax in the new season. Make this space super artsy by focusing on details and adding gorgeous artistic deco elements all around the room. Also, mix and match mid century elements with new ones for a modern and fresh look.

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4. Spring is here

Choose the trendy rattan bed for your pink and brown bedroom and choose also a retro nightstands for this space. Decorate this lovely room with spring flowers or lovely tree branches.

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5. The boho corner

Decorate a pink wall with abstract pictures or artistic paintings and add next to it a brown vintage chair to create a relaxing corner for spring. Make this corner truly boho by adding tiny and oversized plants that will make the whole interior chic and fresh.

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6. The nostalgic office space

Make a retro inspired office space and pick the calm pink for the wall and cool brown chairs and a versatile brown table. Decorate the space with oversized green pants and a statement and colorful painting that will give personality to this creative interior.

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7. Artsy look

Make your bedroom retro, calm and nostalgic by painting your walls in blush pink and choosing covers and sheets in different shades of brown. Emphasize on the artsy feeling this color combo has and decorate the space with colorful framed pictures and retro inspired elements, like a cool lamp.

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  1. Hi. I want to paint my wall pink, but i don’t know the color code. do you happen to know the color code or reference for the dusty pink shown on image 2, labelled “the calm bedroom”? thank you.