8 Romantic bedrooms for a lazy weekend

Dreaming of a lazy weekend at home? Well, make it uber pretty, dreamy and also romantic. Yes, we are in the month of love and we thought you will simply adore these eight romantic bedrooms we gathered for you, so check them out:

1. Elegant day

A canopy bed has that romance vibe with it so choose it for you new romantic bedroom. Mix it up with retro deco elements like cool leather chairs and some green plants and add some color with a printed statement rug.

2. Waiting for sunnier days

For summer, paint your romantic bedroom in a pastel shade like pink blush, living coral or bleu ciel. Add a rattan bed that will make you think of sunnier days and decorate your space with colorful and artistic framed pictures and oversized green plants.

3. Bohemian dream

A bohemian bedroom is always relaxing and has that certain romantic twist to it, especially if you choose covers with fringes and decorative pillows. Also, you can choose an amazing chandelier with fringes and abstract paintings with pastel shades and make a layer mix with different types of rugs, simply lovely!

4. Relaxing vibe

This romantic bedroom in a neutral color scheme and with a lot of wooden and rattan furniture sure looks like it belong in a vacation home. It’s that calm space you need in your life so try it and imagine you’re in a romantic getaway.

5. Art deco love

Because the art deco style is so popular right now, we thought is great for a romantic bedroom. Pick a velvet bed or bed frame, add a fabulous art deco chandelier in the room and of course a golden statement mirror in the same splendid style.

6. Ethno prints

Mix gorgeous ethno prints with a velvet bed and create an eclectic room that has a romantic twist to it. Choose elegant nightstands and a fabulous chandelier and also some dreamy green oversized plants that will make this romantic interior feel like it belongs outdoors.

7. Eclectic look

The eclectic style that’s so popular right now fits great a romantic bedroom with a dramatic vibe. Think of retro inspired colors, artistic and colorful prints for the walls or covers and choose retro framed pictures and a retro pendant for this dreamy room.

8. Retro nostalgia

Make a retro bedroom really romantic by adding a dreamy velvet bench next to the bed and choosing artistic framed pictures and a gorgeous colorful cover. You will love this space, especially if you’re fan of a good retro romance.

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