Modern living walls – 5 Reasons you will love this this nature inspired trend this season

Because we wish to see more nature, green spaces and anything that takes your mind at the idea of an outdoor space indoors, the modern living wall get to be a trendy idea for this season. You can choose the living wall in any room of your home; they will be your own home garden. So here are five reasons you will love this nature inspired trend:



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1. They bring the outside inside

Thinking a lot about going outside, discovering new places and travelling more, well, until you do that, just bring the outdoors indoors. Choose a modern living wall for your kitchen, living room or even bathroom and enjoy your home more in all its new and modern beauty.

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2. It makes a party feel like the one in the nature

Because it’s already spring, it’s time for more home parties. And since you don’t have a garden, just improvise one with a gorgeous green wall added next to your home bar or bar cart. Your party will instantly get a tropical vibe!

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3. It gives a calm vibe to a space

Plants give your home a nature vibe, the perfect feeling of calmness, a state of mind we often search for in our home. So add at least one green plant in your home in a place you love to rest, think or read like a living room corner, your bedroom or a balcony.

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4. It gives a modern, eclectic and creative touch to an interior

Between all the normal walls you see in anyone’s home, the living wall is always a surprise, a new and modern factor which makes your whole home look super creative.


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5. They make your balcony look like a beautiful garden

Maybe you always wanted a gorgeous garden but you live in a flat in a building. Well, then a gorgeous living wall with your favorite plants is the perfect solution for you. Add it next to some chic and comfortable outdoor chairs and sofas and enjoy a day in your lovely and creative garden.

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