8 Artsy spaces you will be smitten with

This season make your home more artsy and inspiring! Thinking about the new trends, lovely art accents and the perfect spring deco details, here are eight dreamy ideas for a fabulous and artistic spring in your home:

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1. Artsy day

Make the perfect artsy scenario for a very relaxing afternoon. Choose a gorgeous daybed in a happy color such as yellow and match with and oversized exotic plants, a cute raffia coffee table and a colorful framed picture or painting.

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2. Lovely days are coming

Add a gorgeous and artsy spring vibe into your bedroom by choosing pillow cushions with flowers, printed vases with flowers and of course artsy framed pictures, paintings or sketches. For a more exotic vibe add on oversized green plant in a corner of this chic interior.

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3. Ingenious solution

Divide your bedroom in two, using an idea that looks like a bunk bed. Downstairs you can make a great storage space for your whole home and upstairs you can add the bed and the dressing space where you can go using a chic wooden stair. Also, make this ingenious space spring themed using framed pictures that make you think of nature and by adding gorgeous flowers and plants around the room.

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4. Fancy look

This season make any room stunning with an oversized artistic framed picture. Then, choose lovely spring branches and add them in an artistic vase on a coffee table. Last, but not least, style you coffee table with creative deco items and gorgeous hard cover books and choose a neutral and chic rug for this space.

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5. The new retro

This spring mix Scandinavian elements with retro inspired furniture for a dreamy room in the latest deco trends. Make it spring ready by adding oversized plants all around the room, choosing artsy pictures and a gorgeous vintage inspired mirror.

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6. The dreamy open space

If you live in an open space make it perfect for spring and choose a country chic theme. Pick retro open shelves and match them with a vintage inspired dining space. Paint a wall in the trendy blue and make the whole space blossom with a lot of vases filled with your favorite spring flowers.

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7. Spring dining space

Choose light colored beige furniture for your spring dining room space and make this space artsy with a big and colorful gallery wall where you add for favorite artsy and creative pictures. Also, make this space more relaxed looking and nature inspired by adding oversized plants.

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8. The cool hallway

Make a very creative gallery wall for your entryway or any corner of your home and style it with a retro inspired cabinet. Also, choose trendy ethno inspired deco details for this dreamy space and style with space with oversized plants or small home trees.

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