8 Easy ways to do Feng Shui tips you will love for your home

The space in which we live can influence our well being. For example, if you believe in Feng Shui you will know that this channels the energies of our home in creating a space to help to be more positive and happy, have love, wealth or a great career. People don’t think that much about Feng Shui right now, it’s more all about the minimal Marie Kondo way of living, but if you want to change something in your home and make your life better, you might as well just try it.

So when talking about the art of Feng Shui, we are talking about eight important directions that we can channel our home energy in: career, spiritual life, creativity, love, reputation, prosperity, health, and knowledge. It’s very important to start our home with the career area and end it up with the knowledge sector. So, thinking about this eight life areas here are eight easy Feng Shui tricks you can do in your dreamy home:

1. The Career sector – The entry point of the home: Use water elements such as Zen fountains or paint this space in a calm blue. Also, use horse figurines to decorate the space; it’s the symbol for success, fame and freedom.If you can’t find one or don’t want a figurine, Karen of Advantage Realty Services, Inc. says you can use a photo or a drawing of a horse. You can also choose mirrors, artsy black and white framed photos or some dreamy lights.

2. The creativity corner – Make your creativity spot, your personal nook, getaway and happy place of your home. Add here your personal items identified as the ones which have the most value to you. Metal color such as silver and gold are great in this space and also yellow and white are great for this lovely spot of your home.

3. The spirituality area – Think of art – your favorite pictures or the ones that most inspire you. As for the color scheme, when choosing the images think of the Earth and the fire colors and avoid any shades that makes you think of water.

4. The love corner – Only think of pair and pick two of every item: two chairs, two frame pictures, two plants or two side tables. Think also of art showing love or couples. As for the colors, choose red, orange, pink, yellow, or purple.

5. The reputation segment – A great area for collectible items or lucky charms. Pick fire elements and think of red and purple when decorating this space. Also the nature and wood – green and brown color combo – is great for the reputation space

6. The prosperity area – Think a lot about nature and add a lot of green plants in this space and also your favorite fresh flowers. The best colors for this space are: purple, green, gold and red. Also, because this also is the money sector you can add pictures and symbols that show wealth or your desires like framed pictures or a beautiful holiday home or a retro car.

7. The health point – Keep this area as minimal as possible and clutter free! Also, add wood elements in this home space. As for the color scheme choose Earthy shades and yellow, green, blue or black. Also, avoid strong colors and metal deco elements.

8. The knowledge sector – Choose for this area a reading nook and the best color you can pick for this sector of your home in turquoise but you can also choose blue, black or green. Pick deco items that suggest to you learning, that relate to things you studied or things that make you wish to learn more, that’s why a dreamy library corner is also great for the knowledge sector.

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