5 Romantic diner settings just in time for Valentine’s Day



Do you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic or dreamy diner in two or just throw a party for all your fabulous friends? Then, for Valentine’s Day you will need a gorgeous table setting that will surprise anyone you will invite. Also, its fun to make this day really special so here are five splendid ideas for you:

1. Love is in the air

Make the whole space Valentine’s Day ready and add balloons that spell ”Love” just next to the table setting. Mix roses with pink champagne or prosecco and pair pink, red and gold for a fabulous and romantic setting. Also, add a cool and artsy print mix by choosing ethno inspired table covers and cute plates with colorful prints.

2. Spring vibe

If you love spring, you can make a spring themed Valentine’s Day set-up and choose plates with flowers or butterflies and add lovely tree branches in vases instead of flowers. This whole set-up will look really happy, colorful and optimist.

3. French day

Dream of a day in the beautiful Paris and make your Valentine’s Day table setting French inspired making the whole table setting  around a fabulous chandelier. Also, decorate the space with pink hearts and roses or even pink furry covers for the chairs and don’t forget some chic neutral plates, golden tableware and the best cookies you can find!

4. Hearts fan

Search for heart shaped plates like these Kate Spade ones and surprise your special guest or guest with an adorable table setting. Match them wild golden tableware, pastel flowers, candy in small heart boxes and also slip your gift in this dreamy table setting.

5. Boho day

Give this special day a spring vibe and add beautiful deco items like knitted covers and also choose blush pink and other pretty pastels. Also, choose roses and green leaves to decorate your vases and mix a bench with chairs for your dinner table, making the whole seating look like you are at a forest wedding or at a dreamy festival in the nature.

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