7 Gorgeous living room ideas for Spring


Get ready for spring in a gorgeous dining space where you can enjoy any meal you wish from breakfast to diner or what about a dreamy weekend brunch with friend and family? Here are seven lovely dining room ideas that welcome spring:

1. Time to relax!

Choose rattan armchairs for your relaxing looking dining space and a gorgeous table made out of wood. Don’t forget some stylish identical lamps and your favorite spring flowers and just six and relax!


2. All you need is art

Mix beautiful rattan chairs with a gorgeous gallery wall filled with your favorite art. For a relaxing color scheme that’s perfect for spring, choose brown chairs, green plants and black and white works of art and framed pictures, everything will look simply dreamy!

3. Mixed details

Rattan chairs, a light wooden table and dreamy neutral elements will create a relaxing dining space where you can enjoy spring at any hour. Make this space even cooler by having different kinds of light bulbs on the ceiling. Century 21 team says mixing up your details is a new rule in home decoration.

4. Eclectic vibe

Make an eclectic dining space by choosing different kinds of light bulbs and pendants for the dining area and your favorite types of chairs. This kind of interior will look pretty cool, especially if you pair it with modern deco objects.

5. For the love of art

Create a very artsy space by choosing statement framed pictures that show emotions or nostalgia and pairing them with different kinds of chairs and an elegant bench. Add also exotic plants in the room and cool and cozy covers for the chairs.


6. Neutral look

Pair white chairs with a light brown table and add gorgeous neutral pendant made out of rattan. Everything will look calm and relaxing, so add a cool bench next to the dining space, to hang out afterwards with your friends.

7. Time for spring

For a very Scandinavian look mix a wooden bench with cool chairs and create a cozy dining space where the warm season can begin. Add also beautiful spring flowers and neutral deco and minimal deco elements around the table and a dreamy printed table cloth.

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