5 Dreamy trends you will see in your living room space in 2019

Curious in finding out the new trends for your living space? Well, anything that can wow you must be in this space where the futuristic elements, the greenery details and the multifunctional pieces are a must-have this season. Therefore, check out five dreamy trends you will love seeing in your living room in 2019.

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1. Multifunctional furniture

Because we live a busy and chaotic life, at home we try to find the simple things that make us happy. And we want a simple lifestyle, that’s why multifunctional furniture is the perfect solution, especially for the living room where you need a lot of stuff.

2. Metallic details

From brass, to golden and even blackened steel, the metallic details are a must-have for your living space and they also bring a touch of glamour in this dreamy interior. They have an unfinished shape, they look modern and they also blend in great with elegant colors and a neutral color scheme.

3. Space inspiration

Because exploring the outer space is a constant dream for people nowadays, the future references find their way also in home decor. So, from a color scheme that recreates the beautiful night sky, to constellations or the galaxy prints, these details really make a room seem magical and mysterious.

4. Go green!

Green is making a great comeback this season so you can fill a minimal or elegant room with a lot of green plants making it look like a botanical garden. Also, you can pick green velvet elements, that will make this interior truly glam and elegant.

5. Wow ceilings

In 2019 we will look up to see the most impressive ceilings. Yes, the top of the room is the center of attention now, making us look high above and be amazed of the chandelier, the finishes, or why not, some dreamy constellation painting on the ceiling.

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