Styling Tips & Tricks for Rearranging Your Bookshelves

Bookshelves reveal much about a homeowner. Showcasing interests, tastes and knowledge, the bookshelves in your home are a testament to both your identity and interior design sense. Bridging the gap of style and functionality, discover new ways to arrange your bookshelf that are both visually appealing and practical. Here are a few professional interior design tips to help you transform your library into a stunning design feature.


Clear the Shelves

The first step is to remove all the items from your shelves. Starting from a clean slate, you can be more selective about the books and knickknacks you replace. Organize books by size and shape, removing ones that are the worse for wear. Additionally, take out any unsightly paperbacks or textbooks that don’t need to be on display.

Minimize Clutter

Most Malibu interior designers agree when it comes to arranging your bookshelf: less is more. While an overstuffed bookcase filled to the seams with volumes of encyclopedias and anthologies spanning the literary canon is impressive to some, from a design perspective, it’s a mess. It’s important to leave open spaces on your bookshelf.

Arrange small sets of books separated by decorative accessories, such as vases, mirrors or artwork. Leave empty space between objects to enhance focal points.

Vary the Stacks

Another easy way to transform the look of your bookcases is to vary your stacking method. On one shelf, arrange one stack of books horizontally and vertically on another. You can also use stacks to display decorative features, such as a small plant or picture frame.

Add Layers

Levels and layers add depth to your arrangement. For example, set back larger objects to accent smaller ones in front. Play around with different stack methods and sizes to enhance the composition of your shelves.

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