From boots to high-heels here are 5 rules for reorganizing your shoe closet this fall

Hello shoe lover, it’s time for some fun ideas for your favorite space. So, this autumn try practical and original ideas and let your boots and your high heels really shine out in your dreamy shoe closet. Here are five fun ideas for you:

1. Choose shelves with different hights

Because we’re talking about the cold season, pick a closet that has shelves with different heights, you do want your boots to stay perfect, don’t you? Or, another thing you can do is take one small shelf off, and make room for a big space in your shoe closet. Then, arrange your small shoes by type and color and add your long boots on the bottom of the closet.

2. Add them in boxes with pictures on them

Storing shoes in boxes is a great idea for maintaining them perfectly but it also involves a lot of space, so make sure you pick these ideas if you have a huge closet space. Also, having shoes in boxes makes it kind of difficult for you to sort them out or figure out which one is which so make sure you print pictures for every box. Also, add in front the shoes you wore more often in this cold season.

3. Place your boots on hangers

Boots are pretty hard to store aren’t they? So, what you want to do is sort out your boots and high boots and add them on tiny hangers on a rack. You can add this arrangement on the hallway and they will be well-organized and well-kept. Easy and fun!

4. Pick a glass closet

Your high heels need to be stored in a really fancy way, so make sure you add them in a closet with a gorgeous glass display. You will love this kind of closet for your high shoes and bags so make sure you make it the star of your room.

5. Add them on different kind of shelves

Combine two or three types of closets or shelves for your shoes, fitting any need you have. Choose small shelves for your fancy shoes or sporty shoes and a closet with boxes for your boots or high heels. The mix and match shelves and closets or cabinets and create the perfect shoe space for the autumn season.

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