10 Splendid table settings just in time for the holidays

This year prepare a fancy dinner for your friends and family and really have them surprised! Pick a theme or a color, and make your table setting holiday inspired and super classy and elegant. Here are ten dreamy ideas for you:

1. A classy holiday 

This table setting is perfect for a traditional, Scandi or classy home. All you need to do is give a little glam to an elegant interior by adding golden candlestick or tableware. Also, add holiday details by adding pine tree branches all over the table.

2. A carol in black and white

Make this Christmas cool and fancy by adding only black and white items at your holiday dinner. Add cute black figurines that make you think of Christmas and decorate your table with stylish long white candles.

3. Blue Christmas

This lovely Christmas add a touch of blue in your dreamy home and also add white inspired winter flowers in dreamy minimal vases. Then just listen to Blue Christmas and other dreamy holiday carols and enjoy your holidays.

4. Pink and gold

Pink sure looks super dreamy and paired with gold it can create the perfect table setting for a Christmas dinner. Add also vintage inspired candles and fabulous glasses, cheers!

5. Festive times

The black and white plates with creative prints work wonder with pine tree branches and cute red details. So, focus on this color palette when creating a dreamy table setting and make everything more stylish with some fancy glasses with golden details.

6. Golden moments

For a truly elegant table setting pick only white and golden. Mix these shades as you wish and choose also white cookies and a special white cake for the golden moment of the night.

7. Cool December

Make a really cool table setting focusing on plates and glasses in black and white. Pair this powerful combo with green elements and of course print a stylish menu to surprise your guests!

8. A touch of red

In a minimal table setting add a little touch of red for a dreamy holiday. It can be anything from a red flower or fruit, to a red glass or a cute fancy red candle.

9. Lovely crowns

For a nature inspired table setting, add crowns and tree branches everywhere around your Xmas table. Pair this combo with a lot of white and fancy copper or golden elements.

10. A small gift

Besides decorating your cute holiday table with golden details and pine tree branches, make a special surprise for each of your guests. Add a cute present wrapped in paper and green and red detail on top of every plate. It only has to be a symbolic element, everyone will be super happy!

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