5 Pink bathroom ideas for a splendid and pampering holiday season

Nothing says sweet, cute and glam better that the trendy ”pink” does. And this holiday season why not try making your bathroom more pink, pampering and happy, just in time for the New Year to come. So, take a look at the six dreamy bathrooms we have for you:

1. The cool design

Match a pink wall with white subway tiles or some with a dreamy marble print. Also, to make this space more glam choose golden deco elements and cool mid century lamps. Also, add a stylish round bathtub, gorgeous bath products, flowers and scented candles and let the winter pampering begin!

2. A relaxing shower

If you have a bathroom with a brick wall you can paint it in the dreamy pink. Then, to make the perfect match, add golden and copper elements and minimal towels. Also, for a relaxing vibe, add a wood floor on your gorgeous pink shower cabin.

3. Art deco look

Pair the dreamy pink with an extravagant shade and make your bathroom the star of your home. Choose a mirror with a pink frame and pink cabinets and pair them with colorful flowers, cute deco items and golden accents.

4. The dreamy cabinets

In a neutral, elegant or Scandinavian bathroom choose pink cabinets and everything will get more stylish and glam instantly. This shade is great also with the wintery white and works wonders with fall or winter flowers and vintage inspired deco items.

5. Calm vibe

Make a great contrast between pink tiles and neutral and soft bathroom furniture and deco items. Chose a sink that resembles a rock from the nature, add a dreamy bench filled with white towels and cool deco items, and create the perfect calm space for winter season.

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