5 dreamy bed linens from MagicLinen

Quite magical if I may add….

I don’t know about you, but my summer has being going slow and by slow I mean weekends in bed kinda slow. Still, here’s hoping for a little bit of adventure by the end of the season, hopefully sooner.

Anyway, speaking of long weekends in bed doing nothing but relaxing, I wanted to show you these dreamy, dreamy bed linens from MagicLinen. I have a couple of clothing pieces from them and two sets of kitchen napkins and I’m dreaming of a linen bedding set.  The linen pieces that i have from them are quote soft and now I found out that linen fabric gets better and softer with age, just like magic! How awesome is that?

The pieces are made in Europe, in Lithuania more exactly and MagicLinen is actually a family business that combines skills in textile and décor.

So, just imagine and early late summer morning in your bed, with jazz music playing in the background and you sipping on a fresh made coffee and enjoying a delicious breakfast. I say yes to that! So dreamy.


No, check out these beauties and let me know which one is your fav and why. I personally can’t, I’d like them all!


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