7 Moody bedrooms that get you in the summer vibe

Summer can fill you up with nostalgia, so why not dream about it and a beautiful vacation in a moody bedroom? Pick a moody color scheme, some relaxing deco elements, fresh flowers and cool plants and enjoy summer as you should, in a dreamy way!

1. Summer magic

Make your room blossom by adding your favorite flowers near your bed and decorating your bed frame with magical lights. It’s all about a fairy mood that can bring melancholy in ones bedroom and just make you dream about those summer vacations over and over again.

2. A touch of pink

Bring a pastel touch into your summer bedroom. Pink or blue are great colors that bring an instant nostalgia vibe in the room along with a relaxing feeling and a calm spirit. Pair them with golden and enjoy a touch of luxury in your favorite summer room.

3. In rust we trust

Featuring one of the most melancholically shades, the beautiful rust, this bedroom looks truly relaxing! So, add your bed near the window, pick a lovely nightstand made out of a wood box and pick up some sheets and a printed cover in the cool rust shade.

4. Ethno spirit 

E calm white room filled with relaxing raffia elements like baskets, lamps or ottomans will bring a vacation spirit into your room. You will love the cool and relaxed vibe of the room so pick for it blue and white sheets that will remind you of the sea.

5. Nature calling

Surround your bed with flowers and recreate a garden in your own bedroom. Everything will look moody and nostalgic and you will love just sitting in this room and reading a good book in your free vacation time.

6. Salmon nostalgia

The beautiful salmon shade paired with other pink or burgundy colors and neutral tones will bring a moody vibe in any kind of bedroom, also making it looking simply gorgeous. Moreover, add some gorgeous flowers or braches next to these dreamy colors and also some lovely raffia elements.

7. Retro chic

Some country chic items like raffia baskets, some vintage objects of furniture like a dreamy nightstand will recreate a moody retro chic bedroom perfect for a vacation home. For it, pick neutral or pink sheets and some nostalgic framed pictures.

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