7 Industrial bedrooms that will win your heart

Living in an industrial loft or simply loving an original room for your dreamy bed? Well, the industrial bedrooms are never out of fashion and they look pretty cool and relaxing. Here are our top seven favorites:

1. A touch of blue

Combine the beautiful white and grey neutrals with ocean blue and add industrial objects all around a dreamy big bed. Use cool chairs instead of classic nightstand and add objects such as vases directly on the floor.

2. The brick bedroom

Pick a metallic bed and make it as comfortable as you need. Combine the modern style with antique objects and you will have a unique room accordingly with the beautiful industrial style.


3. Nostalgic loft

Set the mood with a dark bedroom filled with items in dark neutral shades. Add a corks bench and a nightstand on whells and an industrial lamp to create an original space perfect for a cool loft or a bachelor pad.

4. Peace and quiet

If you love the minimal style make it a little bit industrial by adding cool lamps on your nightstand and hanging simple artistic pictures in black and white on top of your comfy bed.

5. Oversize obsession

Make an oversized lamp or other cool industrial items the main stars of your lovely bedroom. Moreover, combine bricks with shiny metallic elements and neutral objects for a cool relaxed industrial bedroom.

6. Grey moment

Decorate your dreamy industrial bedroom in different shades of grey and enjoy a relaxing vibe in this room. Make a cool contrast between a retro chair added as a nightstand and a shiny modern lamps and get a creative room full of art and different pictures that show emotions.

7. A studio theme

Make your dreamy industrial bedroom looking like a studio using a big lamp and artistic photos that look like the ones from an art expo. Keep the color scheme dark and neutral and add minimal objects around the room, you can also have a couple laser engraved items.

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