3 Storage Techniques for Your Mobile Home

We all wish for more space in our homes. When you first move into a new home, it may seem as there is plenty of storage room, play space and room to grow. But no matter how large or how small the home you live in, families have an uncanny ability to fill up any available space in practically no time. Before long, any empty space has vanished, and we are stuffing closets, cramming cabinets and stacking things in places where things simply shouldn’t be stacked.

For those who live in mobile homes, one would typically imagine that these problems are intensified, as there is generally much less space, storage or otherwise, than in more traditional houses. But for those of us who have chosen a mobile home as our living space for several years, we actually have less problems with running out of room because we are experts at creatively identifying the best ways to utilize the space that we have available.

In fact, many of the very best and most creative storage ideas in home magazines, on HGTV and in design schools are based on concepts that originated in a mobile home. But even with our expert ability to fit ourselves, our families and our belongings into the space we have, we too run out of space and space ideas eventually.

Not to worry; this guide is designed to teach you some of the most creative, practical and helpful ideas for finding more space within your mobile home. After reading this guide and utilizing the strategies herein, you should have plenty of breathing room once again.

  1. Floating Shelves

One of the most practical and innovative trends modern design has seen in quite some time, floating shelves help you create more space where there is none, and they can literally be placed just about anywhere. Of course they are most commonly placed in the usual spaces for shelves, along the walls and above the counter. However, they can also be placed on the side of the wall, on the outside of your pantry or even on the inside of cabinet doors.

Unlike many solutions that are practical, these shelves can be very aesthetically pleasing. When built, placed and installed properly, floating shelves can actually add a new level of flare and creativity to the look of your mobile home. They can improve the overall look of the room– especially in the kitchen and bathroom– and give the home a more modern look that will impress friends and neighbors.

2. Hooks

While shelves are the more obvious option for adding storage space in the kitchen, hooks can actually free up your current shelves, cabinets and counter space even more simply. Hooks can be used to hold coffee cups, pots, pans and a number of additional kitchen items, and you can get creative with the design and placement of them. Similarly, they can be utilized in certain closet situations, particularly on the back of closet doors.

3. Hidden Storage Bins

Storage bins can be used to store just about anything, but what good does the space and organization provided by these bins do if you have no space to house them? One idea involves stacking the bins up against one of the larger walls in your home. While this may not seem like the most aesthetically appealing concept on the surface, you can hide the bins with a simple curtain.

Another idea for hiding storage bins would be to create some space for them under your bed or even under the home itself. Elevating the bed to make more space is a common concept for mobile home owners, and storage bins ensure you get the most out of that space.

“If storing them under the home,” says one plumber, Northern Beaches based expert, who specializes in mobile homes, “ensure they are sealed tightly and that there will still be proper water flow underneath the home.”

Putting them on top of wood pallets or some other elevated surface can help here, as well as help to protect from pests and other natural elements.

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