3 Things to Avoid When Moving into Your First Apartment

Getting the first apartment is an exciting part of life, and it may be tempting to clutter it with everything at once. You need to move to the new house after purchasing it. If you are looking for a moving company, then you can use this guide to compare company services and their prices. After all, you need a place for sitting, sleeping and eating, and furniture is an integral requirement for all these activities. However, great interiors do not happen in a single instance.

The entire process requires time, persistence and a patience to search for the best pieces. So, while it’s tempting, do not jump the gun or you will end up with an apartment full of regrets – far removed from your dream apartment – the Atlantic. Here are five things you should never do the moment you receive the keys to your first apartment.

Never Purchase Furniture at Once

If you are moving out and into your own first place, chances are you will have a couple of hand-me-down furniture pieces, including maybe a dining table and a sofa. You may be lacking things like a coffee table, side tables, comfy seating or even a bed. It’s perfectly understandable to want to fill up the space in your new home as fast as possible.

However, going for an all out furniture shopping binge is a huge financial mistake that will cost you – big! Start by creating a list of major items you can’t do without and then purchase them in order of importance. If you desperately want a sofa, get one by all means, but don’t purchase chairs, side tables, and the coffee table at the same time.

Take your time and start looking for the best pieces, and ensure your purchases make good budget sense. It’s better to do without something for some time than rush into buying things you’ll regret.

Never Purchase Only Cheap Things

Many people moving into their first apartment are working on a budget, so they naturally start looking for the least inexpensive things. While you can certainly decorate your new home for cheap, it’s critical to remember you still need to think about quality – especially when it comes to major pieces. Just because this is your first home, doesn’t mean you can’t buy pieces with longevity in mind.

For example, if purchasing a sofa, get the best quality you can afford. When you buy low quality items, you’ll inevitably need to replace them at some point in the near future. For costly, large items like sofas, it’s better you reduce the need for replacing them every couple of years. While it’s prudent to be pennywise, it’s better that you purchase the best affordable quality.

Never Settle for Generic

If the apartment is a rental, it’s going to be tricky to infuse some of your personality into it. Most rental units place restrictions on the types of changes you are allowed to make, resulting in people decorating in a way they don’t like. However, you can still make that rental apartment your own space by using things like area rugs, light hardware and fixtures, window treatments, and decorating with removable wallpaper.

In most cases, many landlords are ok with changes as long as you commit to removing them before you vacate the apartment at the end of the lease. You do not have to live in a generic space with no personality just because you’re renting the apartment.

Living in your own apartment for the first time is very exciting, and tempting to make it perfect as soon as you move in. But, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, take your time, slow down and you’ll create a space that’s truly reflective of you.

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