Why you should go for a Marble Benchtop?

If you ask a benchtop contractor about the advantages of installing marble benchtops, the typical answer is, “it depends on where you are going to use them.” The consensus is that marble makes an excellent surface for bathrooms, offices, fireplace surrounds and a lot of other locations where they don’t get rough and tough use.

The basics

Marble begins as a metamorphic rock. It means that it starts out in a sedimentary form as dolomite or limestone rock and once it has been subjected to severe heat and pressure, it turns into a beautiful stone. The change comes about because of the impurities found in the original dolomite or limestone rock.

When subjected to heat and pressure, the materials crystallise. As a stone that features calcium carbonate, the purest that you will come across is completely white. This pure stone was brought in use by artists for carving statues in the ancient times. There are plenty of reasons as in why should you choose it as a benchtop.

You will come across a number of trusted and well-known companies that can provide you with the best quality marble benchtops in Melbourne, as well as all the big cities around the world. Let’s have a look at the advantages of using marble benchtops.

Spectacular beauty

The main reason why marble benchtops remain in massive demand when it comes to benchtops is its elegant looks. This igneous stone is available in a wonderful display of colour. The choice of hues includes solid white, solid black and a wide range of colours that include rose, yellow, grey, green, white and black spectrums.

They take the heat

Marble is heat resistant. In the bathroom, a styling tool won’t harm it unless left on it hot for some time. It has become quite popular for fireplace surrounds as it won’t be affected because of the heat and can even bear occasional sparks on its surface.

More design capabilities

If you have a counter that needs more than the usual fabrication efforts, you may want to switch to marble. Not every benchtop features a strictly rectangular shape. It is softer to work with than a lot of other typical stone slabs that are used as benchtops. As a result, the overall workability is much better. It can also be considered if you are looking for fancy edges or other extra fabrication perks.

As compared to granite, marble is a dream to work with. In the case of granite, it is quite tough to cut the stone without chipping it and causing damage.

Naturally cool

Anyone who does a lot of baking will just love working on marble benchtops. It stays cool naturally and is not a big heat conductor.

Heat resistant

It is one of the best work services you will ever come across for a kitchen. It is resistant to heat, but like quartz and granite, you should never place a pot that comes directly from the stove.


Although it is a soft stone, it is highly durable. It is a porous material though. So if you are looking for something that is dense and can handle several bumps and bruises, you may want to consider quartz as an alternative.

Easy to find

At times it can be tough to find the appropriate granite or quartz slab that would be ideal for your kitchen. Marble, on the other hand, is broadly available and can be found quite easily in a majority of stone yards or fabricators. This means less wait time in most cases, to get the right stone delivered.

These were some of the advantages of using marble benchtops. Hope you find this read informative and helpful.

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